5 Essential Cable Stories To Read Before His Debut In ‘Deadpool 2’

5. New Mutants Intro

New Mutants Intro Cable

New Mutants #87 is the character’s official introduction to readers as a super-warrior. Cable is a great symbol of the over extravagant violence and fascination with big guns rampant in 90s comics, and I hope Deadpool 2 is able to poke fun at this in a fun way. As if being a partial cyborg wasn’t enough, Marvel needed to give the character massive muscles and weapons to fit in with the hyper-masculine era.

In his intro story line, Cable attempts to take down certain members of the New Mutants and deceives the Brotherhood to help in his attempt. It’s a great introduction to his no-holds barred, vigilante style of justice. Once he sets his mind to something, there’s very little that can get in his way. We see him trick enemies into believing he’s been infected with a mysterious plague just so he can get close enough to deliver a final blow. Where Charles Xavier is a team leader who is more apt to act in the shadows, Cable is comfortable charging out and exposing himself in order to get things done.

His opening arc introduces audiences to the Freedom Force and his mission to save the future from a mysterious darkness. Hopefully ‘Deadpool 2’ will feature fun hints at his twisted world and will show Deadpool teaming up with Cable to help save the future from an ominous evil.

Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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