Campaign For Sick Marvel Fan Launches To See ‘Captain America: Civil War’

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Facebook fan page has launched a campaign for a sick Marvel fan to have a personal screening of Captain America: Civil War.

Heroic Hollywood would like to extend our best wishes to Reilly Johnson, a contributor here at our site who helped serve as an admin on the MCU Facebook page. Reilly is a bright young man who is wise beyond his years, that has been waiting to see Captain America: Civil War since the day it was announced. It would mean the world to him if the Marvel fan community came together and spread awareness on social media with the hashtag #TeamReilly so he can see the movie.

For more information on how you can help Reilly’s cause, please visit his Go Fund Me page to learn more about his current situation and donate money.

Source: Marvel Cinematic Universe Facebook page

Andrew Gifford

Andrew Gifford

Andrew Gifford is an aspiring writer and head of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe fan pages on Facebook.