‘Captain America: Civil War’ Get The “Honest Trailer” Treatment


With today’s release of Captain America: Civil War for Blu-Ray/DVD, our good friends at Screen Junkies release an “Honest Trailer” for the superhero mashup. As usual, Screen Junkies in a clever way get frank and honest about a film, whether they be shortcomings or gush about how awesome a film is. They have covered everything from the latest summer blockbusters or even classics like Jaws or the X-Men animated series of the 90s. Today’s upload tackles Civil War.

They do have a point about the Batman v Superman comparisons. Although Civil War received a higher amount of critical and commercial praise, there are a lot of strikingly similar subtle plot points connecting the two films. And of course, you can’t escape the Bucky and Steve “bromance” that continues from The Winter Soldier as well as the accurately funny breakdowns of each member of Team Captain America and Team Iron Man. Despite whatever gripes they may have with the overall plot everyone can agree that the airport fight scene still rocks!

Source: Screen Junkies via Hollywood Reporter

Khalil Johnson

Khalil Johnson

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  • Keiran S-C

    i noticed all of them straight away when watching the film it was hiliraious how many diehards would ignore it when you explained.
    BVS did it far better imo i could take the heroes seriously and the villain CW had a good performance from BP best in the franchise even but they staged it next to a bunch of comedians so he just felt undermined at every turn zemo too was one of the better villains from the MCU but only got 10 minutes of screen time and his mastermind of a plan was to make the avengers have a spat and recruit more member xD definitely prefer the more mature root DC are taking its far more interesting than the non stop comedy the MCU has

    • SAMURAI36

      Yep, same here.

      I wrote a review for Silly War, that highlighted all of this, & much more.
      For instance, all the hypocrisy in not only this film, but all these MCU films.

      Exhibit A:

      We see the General in the Hulk film running around chasing after the Hulk in different countries, shooting at people, endangering lives, & causing an international incident. Je then chases Hulk back to the USA, & brings down all his military might on the Hulk at a SCHOOL, further endangering lives, the most important life being that of his own daughter. Not to mention, he illegally reinstitute the super soldier program, which further endangers more lives.

      Does he go to jail? Nope. At the end of the film, we see him drowning in his sorrows at a bar. And THEN, we don’t see him again, till Silly War, where he, the master of creating disasters, is now in charge of telling people that they can’t cause disasters. Shouldn’t he be the first inmate in the very jail he’s trying to throw others into? Why wasn’t this so much as mentioned at any point in the film?

      Exhibit B:

      A big thing was made about Tony’s actions causing the death of a mother’s son. So how does Tony cope with it? He goes to a boy’s home, lies to his mom, & bribes the boy into becoming a child soldier, which he arms said BOY up to go fight in Tony’s personal war, which said BOY had nothing whatsoever to do with. What’s worse, said BOY almost gets killed in the process.

      There’s much more, but I’ll stop there.

      • Keiran S-C

        i knoww yeah its soo stupid, i missed the hulk references but cap has killed more ppl than any villain in the mcu and he tells bucky “be careful your going to kill someone” aha. I put ultron on yesterday to find out exactly what he said during his wille e coyote scene and during the first 2 minutes that played the avengers must have racked up over 30 kills and never blinked an eye in fact they were joking and smiling while doing it. It is unbelievable how that passes but batman being driven to murder after his teenage sidekick is brutally beaten to death is a ridiculous concept to the haters.

        Spiderman was a mess imo that intro was the most hastily thrown together cameo of all time why on earth did they think spiderman is some child mercenary….. willing to fight along side the same man who unleashed an robot uprising on humanity which nearly resulted in genocide and all in order to fight captain america the man who saved earth twice and his price for this moronic “hit” was a couple of grand for his college tuition O_o. It just wasnt spiderman and felt like they stuck him onto the side of this film just because they want to get some standalones out of him before the next reboot.