Why Casino Design Matters In Movies And In Real Life

Casino DesignA while ago we wrote about how Mark Hamill was impressed by the casino sequence in the latest Star Wars movie. It can’t be denied that the movie creators definitely put a lot of effort and resources into the casino set, as well as the characters in it, as Hamill expressed himself.

Casinos are indeed quite often a part of Hollywood creations and a lot of effort is put into their design. The casino interior design is used in movies to depict a specific situation. Fancy casinos’ interior design, such as the one that can be seen in Las Vegas, is used to portray luxury, fortune, entertainment, fun and excess.

However, there are also other kinds of casinos used in movies. Imagine an illegal back room casino full of criminals and otherwise questionable characters. This feels completely different than the first type of casinos, right? Both types have a unique use on the movie set and it is good that way.

Casino interior design in real life

Of course, casino interior design is rather important in the real world as well. Maybe even more so. In fact, the interior design is often one of the major characteristics that influence the casinos’ profitability. This is strongly connected to the psychology and the way players generally act in a casino.

You might have already heard about at least some of the techniques used for this purpose, such as the absence of windows and clocks in casinos. This way the players can lose track of time, having no idea how much time they’ve spent at the slot machine, the roulette table or the blackjack table. This works, but the science behind casino interior design goes much further.

One of the most well-known group of casino interior design principles was created by Bill Friedman and put together in his book called Designing casinos to dominate the competition: The Friedman international standards of casino design and other publications.

Friedman’s idea of casino design was centered around maze-like and dark interior, low ceilings, lack of décor and other characteristics, which all work together to “pull” players into the casino, keep them there as long as possible and keep them focused on the gambling equipment.

New concept of casino interior design

However, this design psychology has been mostly replaced by something else, which is often referred to as “playground design”, a name derived from David Kranes’s publication in the Journal of Gambling Studies from 1995.

The playground design violates many of Friedman’s principles and often completely turns them around. The new design strategy opens up the space, allows in natural light and stops focusing solely on the gambling equipment. The casinos’ floors stopped acting as mazes and became much more welcoming to the players.

As Roger Thomas, a well-known casino interior designer explained to The New Yorker: “People don’t want to make bets when they feel trapped or overwhelmed or confused. That’s not the mood you want.”

There might have been times in which the old design philosophy might have made more sense, but right now it’s been largely replaced by the playground design or other new approaches, at least in large gaming resorts in Las Vegas and other gaming hubs.

What about online casinos?

Let’s not forget about the world of online casinos. There is huge number of them on the market, with most of them having extremely similar game selections and sharing other aspects influencing the way players choose the online casino to play in. The online casino website and user interface design is very important for its success.

A well-designed casino website gets more people to sign in and keeps the players playing for longer, which is probably even more important. It takes a lot of resources to get new players, so it’s important for the casinos to keep the ones they already have.

To sum up, casino design really is extremely important, whether it’s on a movie set, in Las Vegas or on the internet, although the reasons for its importance can be quite different in each case. Most of people would probably agree that the new design approach is better for the movies and better in real life, so we can all be glad

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