Chadwick Boseman & His Castmates Are Inspired By The ‘Black Panther’ Challenge

Black Panther Poster IMAX Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman has been inspired by the #BlackPantherChallenge, a fundraising initiative designed to help children from Harlem and lower income communities see the movie in theaters.

Boseman and the cast participated in Live Q&A presented by IMAX and Twitter tonight when they were asked if anyone had anticipated the historic response the movie has received leading up to its release. Boseman said nobody could have predicted this, then used his time to discuss the #BlackPantherChallenge and what it has meant to him:

“I want to make sure we don’t go through this, and we forget to say this. The Black Panther Challenge that Fred T. Joseph started, like, it’s an incredible thing that people are buying out theaters so that young people can see this film. Gifting it. You know, it inspires us to do the same thing. I’ve done it, I know you’ve done it. We’re all finding our own places in our own communities where we’re from to do that. And so, that’s an inspriation to see people raising money and trying to outdo each other in every city. In Richmond, I know there’s one that I want to acknowledge, too. So it’s just, you know, you can make movies, but I don’t know what this is.”

Created by activist Frederick Joseph, the original GoFundMe drive raised over $40,000 and inspired over 300 similar campaigns to help low-income youth see Black Panther in February. To date, the #BlackPantherChallenge combined has raised over $300,000 across the United States, an effort from fans that will allow up to 23,000 kids to see the movie.

Black Panther will be released on February 16, 2018. The movie features a cast that includes Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa (Black Panther), Lupita Nyong’o as Nakia, Danai Gurira as Okoye, Martin Freeman as Everett K. Ross, Daniel Kaluuya as W’Kabi, Angela Bassett as Ramonda, Forest Whitaker as Zuri, Letitia Wright as Shuri, Florence Kasumba as Ayo, John Kani as T’Chaka, Sterling K. Brown as N’Jobu, Michael B. Jordan as Erik Killmonger (Golden Jaguar), Andy Serkis as Ulysses Klaue, and Winston Duke as M’Baku (Man-Ape). In addition, Atandwa Kani has been cast in an unspecified role.

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10 Characters That Need To Be Avengers In Marvel’s Phase Four

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Avengers Superhero Stories ThriveAvengers: Infinity War arrives this year, and will be followed by a currently untitled fourth Avengers film that will close off Phase 3 and will mark a new chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Phase 4 it is safe to say audiences will meet a new roster of the Avengers.

Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America have been the pillars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since its inception, as their individual films have guided lead audiences into each Avengers film. But with the next two Avengers film it is safe to say the curtain will set for those three. That means the Avengers as audiences know them will change dramatically. This means the team will need some new members, ones that will make a big impression to fill the shoes of their predecessors.

While the status of other founding members like the Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye and more up in the air right now, part of the fun in the Avengers comics is the ever-changing roster. The latest roster for the Avengers needs to make a statement. This isn’t the same old Avengers, this is the beginning of a new chapter. Some characters should be upgraded, others will take center stage as the new tentpole franchises, and the Avengers will be new.

Here are the ten characters that should make up the roster for Marvel’s New Avengers. Click Next to get started!

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