10 Characters Who Should Appear In The ‘Nightwing’ Movie

10. Jason Todd

Jason Todd Robin DC Comics

When Dick Grayson hit a certain age, he felt like he had to step away from Batman and carve out his own identity as Nightwing. At first, Batman doesn’t want to bring on a new sidekick, but he eventually gives in and brings the troubled Jason Todd into his world.

I’d love to see how Dick, fresh off his tenure as Robin, reacts to Jason. Does he think he is worthy to carry on the mantle or does he see the darkness inside the child? Seeing how troubled Jason is would only make Dick look all the more level-headed and heroic.

Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • BringerOfRain

    Why do you keep going from ‘DCCU’ (which isn’t a thing) and the DCEU? Just curious.

  • Rafael Ridolph

    Hahaha you forgot Batman

  • Darthmanwe

    Raptor, Spyral agents, Wally west, and so many more names come to mind here, and instead we get Tarantula in it…. Really?

  • Maxi Iroh

    Will we have D*ck and Jason being contemporaries in this version? Maybe Bruce takes Jason in as D*ck is still Robin, maybe he feels like his experiment in training a young child has worked, because having a Nightwing that is more than 5 years older than Red Hood always bugged me, but later that would work against Batman having another Robin, making Tim way younger than Jason and D*ck, maybe 5 to 6 years.

    I know time works differently in comics, on Marvel we have time moving around 3 times slower than normal and even more so at DC where some characters age faster than others and had 2 reboots, which makes some things even more difficult.

  • Carl

    I’d say no one should appear in the Nightwing movie because they shouldn’t make it. I don’t want to see another “super” hero with no powers that’s a less interesting version of his predecessor. I guess since the DCEU has already fast forwarded Batman to past his prime this is what we are stuck with but it’s really not ideal. I guess we’ll have to wait til the next reboot to get a properly fleshed out Bat-family.

  • Ren Medina

    Roy Harper aka Arsenal, those two are bros. Tim Drake appearing doesnt make sense since there is no Robin. ORiginally Tim was the one who talked bruce wayne that batman needs a robin. Starfire being on there that could work a bit introduce another alien race. Huntress being ont here well not sure how that would work unless she is an agent of Spyral spying on him.

  • Debbie Gardiner

    I think the Huntress should definitely be in Nightwing. She appeared in a lot of Nightwing comic books and if the rumours are true about Black Canary and Strix making their debuts in ‘Batgirl’ the Huntress debuting in Nightwing sets up Birds of Prey!!

  • Christopher Davis

    Tarantuala raped Nightwing…..I think we can all agree that should stay in the comics.

  • ChokingDogs

    Thought Jason Todd’s death at the hands of the Joker part of the DCU?

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  • Jay

    Cyborg wouldn’t make sense at all within the DCEU. You dont need Huntress or Starfire if you have Barbara, and trying to introduce starfire into this universe in this movie will take up too much story, haven’t you learned anything? We also don’t want this to turn in to relationship soap opra bs. Jason could be in flashbacks, Nightwing certainly felt guilty about his death, would be interesting to explore. This could tie into introducing Tim who want’s to be Robin. But as a villain, Jason is no match for Nightwing. BUT FOR CHRIST’S SAKE, STAY AWAY FROM TARANTULA, no one wants to be reminded of that.

  • Ray A. Smith

    Superman should def be in the film being that he’s the one who actually gave him the name Nightwing.