Charlie Cox Thinks Batman Star Ben Affleck Was Fantastic As Daredevil

Daredevil Ben Affleck BatmanIn a recent QA panel at Comicpalooza, Daredevil actor Charlie Cox revealed that he thought Batman actor Ben Affleck was fantastic as Daredevil.

During the interview a fan asked what he thought of the Batman actor’s performance as Daredevil and Cox revealed that not only did he like Affleck in the role, he actually borrowed quite a bit from his take:

Personally, I think… I’m just laughing because I get asked this a lot and sadly I’m going to say the same thing that I’ve said before.  I happen to think Ben Affleck’s performance as Daredevil is fantastic. I really like his Matt Murdock… I stole a lot of stuff.

He did, however, state that, despite Affleck’s performance, he wasn’t a fan of the film overall:

So, I think he does a really good job. I don’t like the film. The original Daredevil film I don’t think that worked particularly well and the reason I don’t think it worked particularly well is that what we discovered with the show is that the tone of the character suits a slightly darker, more sinister feel. In my opinion the best Daredevil comics are the ones that are geared towards a slightly more mature audience and I think that what the show captures is that level of sinister, dark tone, I guess. But I like Ben Affleck’s Matt Murdock.

This is a sentiment that many would probably disagree with. When Ben Affleck was initially cast as Batman for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice one of the principle arguments against his casting was his performance in that particular film. Since then the actor went on to do better things and most would agree that his career made a turn for the better in recent years.

Charlie Cox’s version of Daredevil, however, is still going strong with the show having just wrapped production on it’s third season. The show is currently rumored to debut sometime later this year.

What did you guys think of Ben Affleck’s performance as Daredevil? Who of the two is the better Devil of Hell’s Kitchen? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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