Chris Evans Discusses Relationships In ‘Civil War’; Four New Images Released

Entertainment Weekly is continuing it’s coverage of the highly-anticipated Captain America: Civil War and the latest bit of focus is on the film’s central character. While chatting with EW, star Chris Evans briefly commented on some of Steve Rogers’ relationships with some of the film’s other characters. Will we finally see a relationship develop between Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter in the film that was hinted at towards at the end of The Winter Soldier? Evans commented on the subject.

I think he’s looking. You know, I think he’s certainly open to it. Sharon is obviously relevant, but … we don’t have to tie it up in one movie. So they have time.

Evans then commented on his relationship with Tony Stark in the film and told EW that they “do respect each other but they’re just very different men. You do have those moments of connection, like at the end of Age of Ultron when I say, ‘I will miss you, Tony.’ There is a love and respect there … and that’s what makes this so tragic.” Check out four new images from the film below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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