Chris Hemsworth Answers ‘Team Iron Man or Team Captain America?’


Captain America: Civil War is splitting fans and our favorite Marvel actors into two teams, Team Captain America and Team Iron Man. With the teams being formed, a question emerged. Which side would the God of Thunder take in this battle?

Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo posted a video of Chris Hemsworth (Thor), in which he can be seen working out and addressing the question, “Which side are you on?” Turns out Thor is on #TeamThor and is wondering why he and the Hulk didn’t get an invite to this fight.

While a number of Avengers are returning to the big screen for Civil War, the Hulk and Thor will not be. They are appearing together in Thor: Ragnarok, in 2017.

As previously reportedCaptain America: Civil War is eyeing a $175M opening weekend but it’s looking like the film is about to open much higher than early predictions. According to Fandango, the upcoming film is outselling all previous Marvel Studios films and has even sold more tickets two weeks ahead of it’s release than the The Avengers did at this point.

Source: Joe and Anthony Russo Facebook 

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