Chris Pine Teases Possible Lynda Carter Cameo In ‘Wonder Woman’

Chris Pine will be playing Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman next year, acting as love interest to the titular superhero. Gal Gadot will have already made her debut as Diana Prince in this year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Pine talked a bit about her casting while also touching on the role of Wonder Woman within the grander scheme of superhero movies.

“Gal Gadot…is beautiful, so talented, strong and the story is really one I think that needs to be out there. The simple fact of the matter is it’s about a woman who’s so strong with such physical ability that she could kick such ass but really at the end of the day leads with an incredible amount of compassion and love and hope for humanity and I think we need a lot of that right now.”

Not only does he believe that Wonder Woman leads with compassion, but he believes that she might even be a bit stronger than another leader with whom Pine is rather familiar—Captain James Kirk. When asked which of the two characters Pine would rather see in a fight, Pine responded:

“Wonder Woman would win because she’s radical. And she looks better in a skirt.”

For some, the notion of a radical woman who leads with compassion may sound reminiscent of the old theme song lyrics to Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman, a show about a woman “fighting for [her] rights,” with the power to “stop a war with love.” Interestingly enough, Pine was actually asked whether or not Lynda Carter would appear in the film. His lips are sealed, but his answer is certainly provocative.

“If I could tell you that I wouldn’t, but I can’t.”

An appearance by Lynda Carter would be great. An appearance by her invisible jet, however, would be majestic. We’ll find out the status of Carter’s possible cameo for sure by the time the film is released next year.

Directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman is scheduled for release on June 23, 2017.

Source: E!

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