Chris Rock Throws Shade At ‘Batman v Superman’ & ‘Fantastic Four’ To JJ Abrams

Oscar host and well-known comedian Chris Rock isn’t afraid of controversy and this time is taking on comic book movies. While speaking with J.J. Abrams at the Tribeca Film Festival, Rock discussed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Fantastic Four, without holding back.

“Did you see that Superman-Batman s*it? What the f*#k was that? I can’t say anything, they weren’t going to cast me anyway,” said Rock.

Rock believed that it would be nearly impossible for a human, such as Batman, to hold his own against Superman.

“Superman can’t fight a guy that drives a car! He gets a flat. Like he’s going to fight Superman. Needs Triple A, but yeah, he can fight Superman. He’s got jumper cables, and he’s going to fight Superman.” You can’t argue with that logic, folks!

Rock is also a fan of the Fantastic Four characters and indicated to Abrams that he would like to find a director that could handle the property.

“I love the Fantastic Four and they keep fu*#ing it up! Like, dammit. It’s the Fantastic Four,” said Rock.

Apparently Rock is a fan of Abrams take on Star Wars, as it wasn’t one of the movies on his firing list.

Source: Vulture




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