Christian Serratos Talks Rosita’s Death On ‘The Walking Dead’

Christian Serratos

Don’t worry – Rosita hasn’t died on ‘The Walking Dead’ just yet. But, the graphic novels are an excellent guidebook for actors to see how long they’ll have a job for. It hasn’t always been an exact translation from page to screen, but it does prove to be relatively accurate. In terms of Rosita’s death, its a long way off from where the TV series is at right now. The actress behind Rosita, Christian Serratos has spoken about how she feels about the character’s death in the series.

“I think all of these characters have such incredible deaths, and I think that, yes, you do feel a sense of possession. That is my death. Nobody can have it. However, there are some incredible deaths, like Abraham’s death in the comic book was given to Denise’s character on the show. It was amazing. A lot of the deaths have been flip flopped, and that goes along with how amazing Scott Gimple is at staying true to the comic book while still keeping people on their toes. Whatever death I get, I know that it’s not going to come rightly. It’s going to have been very thought out and it’ll be exactly the death I was meant to have.”

The character played by Christian Serratos dies in a shocking moment that marks the Whisperers’ territory. This won’t happen for a long time, as it comes well after the group’s confrontation with Negan and the Saviours.

‘The Walking Dead’ shows Sundays, 9 p.m. on AMC.


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