CinemaSins Tell Us What Was Wrong With ‘Civil War’


For those of you who loved this summer’s Marvel blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War, then get ready to be brought down. Weren’t sure how you felt about the movie? Loved it? Hated it? Either way which way, get ready to watch a video explaining all the tiny flaws the movie makes, thanks to CinemaSins, who have added a new entry into their Everything Wrong With… series – the latest Captain America film. While some of the sins are the usual nitpicking, there are some valid points made as well, in usual CinemaSins fashion. Check out the video below.

Captain America: Civil War is out on DVD/Blu-Ray and Digital Download now.

Political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability when the actions of the Avengers lead to collateral damage. The new status quo deeply divides members of the team. Captain America (Chris Evans) believes superheroes should remain free to defend humanity without government interference. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) sharply disagrees and supports oversight. As the debate escalates into an all-out feud, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) must pick a side.


Sam Easton

Sam Easton

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  • gradybridges

    Christ I got 3 min in before I got bored. Why highlight things that aren’t even “sins”. Honest Trailers are so much better and shorter. 20 minutes?!

    • Chris Schroeder

      So many of these are just stretching. Like the thing about going to Wanda’s room right away… I’m sure he could hear Steve and her talking

      • SAMURAI36

        See my post below.


    Cinema Sins can indeed be nitpicky, but they sometimes hit the mark. This time, they touched on a few points that I pointed out about Silly War, but there were several more that they totally missed.

    • Chris Schroeder

      And you have to admit a ton of overdone ones

  • I know it’s a spoof and all, but my actual gripes about CW are 1) ironically, with so many fight scenes, although extremely well choreographed and executed, it kind of began to feel like a Kung Fu movie (i.e., here we go with yet another fight!) and for me that had the effect of diluting the impact of combat in general, and 2) at the end Tony being upset at Steve because the Winter Soldier had killed his parents–when the WS was clearly and unmistakably mind-controlled. Newsflash to Tony, that wasn’t Bucky that killed your parents! Rather, Steve has psychologically reawakened the actual person in that body. And he is not the automaton that was ordered to kill the Starks. It reminds me of Batman deciding that Superman is an enemy of humankind that must be killed. In BvS we have a Batman that clearly had already begun a long slow spiraling descent into a kind of meltdown that we see by the end, controversial though that was for many Batman fans. But how he gets from doubting how meaningful his efforts have been to believing Superman is such a dire threat is to me a relative weak point of that film. So both CW and BvS are a bit weak on the motivation for Tony and Bruce, respectively, to become such strong enemies of Cap and Supes, respectively, imho.

    • SAMURAI36

      LOL at “extremely well choreographed and executed fight scenes”. Those fight scenes were the worst. They were like WWE wrestling matches, that made little to no sense. It was like it was deliberately made for 10 year olds. Oh wait….

      For people who are supposed to be highly trainded govt operatives, it makes no sense for them to fight the way they do. Why on earth would Black Widow, who is all of 100lbs soaking wet, try to hit a Hurrican-Rana on a who is not only twice her size, but is also a Super Soldier with a bionic arm??

      Not to mention, those fight scenes are not the least bit fluid. Half the time, you couldn’t even tell what was going on in them. They were chopped and screwed so much, but it perplexes me how much people complain about the “poor editing” of BVS.

      Speaking of BVS, Bruce’s motivation was seeing what he perceived as a bully, who was destroy the planet. The same man who destroyed his building, and probably 100’s of lives therein. That’s motivation enough.

      • The disparity of the critical reactions to these two films was so aggravating. You probably realize by now that I love BvS and I’m meh about CW, but we may have to agree to disagree on some of the finer points here.

        As a CBM fan I’m not out to pick films apart. I love both the DCEU and MCU. I go in ~wanting~ to be entertained by either studio, ware that they have differing styles and approaches to the genre. And I can suspend disbelief for a lot of things that might bother me if I were inclined to dissect the film negatively. I will say, though, that the fight scenes in BvS felt truly epic and weighty, whereas the fight scenes in CW felt almost like fluff to me in comparison. BvS just had more gravitas and substance to it–both overall as a film, and certainly when it came to the fights. For me anyway. I do respect others’ experiences about this, though. I won’t tell someone else what their reaction should be. I think the reasons that we react to films in our own particular ways psychologically stem directly from our own unique personality, personal tastes, and individual life history. So I may love a film that you hate, each for our own personal reasons, and vice versa. But the reasons behind those reactions are really mostly subjective when you get down to it. (Hey, it’s still fun to debate about the films anyway, though! It’s just what we do as fans. ;-D)

        I think there’s a good chance that Bruce’s motivation to take down Superman has more weight when we consider that Barry Allen apparently gives Bruce a vision of the future in which we see Superman as evil and all twisted up and bitter, serving apparently as an earthly overlord of Darkseid! When Barry says “You were always right about him! Fear him!” and then tells him to round up the JL and find Lois Lane as the key to this puzzle, I think that almost has to point to what we’ll see in JL! The JL will have to prevent that future from coming to pass.The vision Bruce has may be via a dream somehow, but Barry seems to comment directly on what Bruce sees! So while psychological reasons for Bruce to fear Superman are there in the film, I’m wondering if in JL we will see the possibility of Superman actually becoming that sort of figure as a major plot point.

        • SAMURAI36

          I agree with everything you said.

          What bugs me the most about Silly War’s (and really, all of Marvel’s) fight scenes, is that they are nothing but poorly choreographed dance scenes. They’re meant to entertain children.

          Anyone (such as myself) that has had any training with fighting, can see the flaws in them, as they are painfully blatant.

          For isntance:

          Nobody is actually trying to hit the “heroes”. It’s like, the enemies are just standing at the right time and place, so that the Avengers can run up and do their stunt work.

          For example, at 1:10, BW is all over the bad guys, and none of them even bother to swing. Then CrossBones comes, and I counted at least 4 opportunities he had to knock her clean out, and he does nothing. But instead, he throws her into the truck, where there are 2 or 3 more guys just…. Sitting there, I guess waiting for their turn to get beat up?

          And when the truck explodes, BW (who looks like she’s dressed as an Ambercrombie model) shakes it off and walks away, while the bad guys, who are dressed in full SWAT armor, are completely knocked out.

          Why? Well, because….. Reasons.

          And never mind the fact that in the scene just before, Cap jumps in, and pulls the mask off the guy, who instantly falls out, but Cap himself (who is wearing NO mask) is a-okay.

          Why? Well, because…. Yeah.

          But back to Black Widow…. She rides up on the motorcycle, and completely telegraphs the bike sliding into the guy, who’s just standing there waiting to get tripped up by it. Then she flings her 100lb body at more guys who are just standing there, allowing their own 200lb selves to be slammed to the ground.

          Then at 3:45, she fights 2 more 200lb guys, who are allowing her to do WWE wrestling moves on both of them at the same time, while neither of them are actually even trying to fight her. They don’t throw any punches at her, and when they do, it’s clearly telegraphed so that she can block it and hit them with her “totally awesome, sweet dance moves” (In Napoleon Dynamite voice) that they totally have no defense against, as they clearly haven’t trained to fight a day in their lives.

          Why? Because…. SHAZAM!!

          Then we see Crossbones TRYING to fight Cap, with these handheld pile drivers, that seem to be completely useless (since Cap now has the invulnerability of Superman, apparently), especially since CrossBones himself doesn’t seem to know how to throw a punch.

          All these “villains” come off like video game bad guys, who are standing around for some reason, just waiting to get beat up. They don’t even make the “heroes” look good, because they don’t even put up minimal effort.

          And let’s not talk about the fact that whenever some idiot does manage to get a shot off, they conveniently aim at the spot where they should already know Cap and Falcon are gonna have their shields already up.

          Meanwhile, over in the more realistic side of the universe, that everyone seems to hate:

          People are actually trying to shoot, stab, and kill Batman. At 2:51, the guy gets several shots on Batman. At 3:15, the guy tries to shoot Batman in the back of the head. At 3:30, the guy manages to stab Batman in the shoulder. In all these occasions, were it not for Batman’s armor, he would have been killed.

          So it’s clear that these bad guys, who are clearly not better fighters than Batman, have managed to get close enough to Batman to actually hurt him. Oftentimes, it’s Batman’s defense that saves him, rather than his offense. He might seem unstoppable, but he’s not invulnerable, like these Marvel characters are portrayed as being.

          Are we supposed to believe that these warehouse thugs Batman fought, are better trained than the SWAT team mercenaries that the Avengers were fighting?

          Listen, I don’t begrudge anyone for liking Marvel, if that’s what they choose to like, even though I’m not a fan of it myself. However, I do have a problem with people pretending like Marvel doesn’t have HUGE flaws, with their stories, with their characters, with their editing, etc. when it comes to their films.

          • I hear you about the double standard re: MCU and DCEU! I mean when it comes to fight scenes a lot of it is ultimately movie magic anyway, but I do hear what you’re saying about CW in particular. There are a lot of MCU fight scenes that I do really enjoy, but it is in a more escapist vein. The elevator scene in WS is badass, I think that’s my favorite.

          • SAMURAI36

            The Elevator scene…. You mean this one:


            Where they’re standing in the elevator for the first minute, mean-mugging each other, and then Cap gives some silly bravado statement, and when the fight starts, they do the “movie magic”, of taking some of the guys out of the elevator (it’s impossible to have that many guys–some of which are HUGE–in an 8×8 elevator, and extend a full kick, with room to spare) while the fight goes on.

            In several scenes (such as 1:45, where Cap hip-tosses the guy), there’s nobody on the floor, even though he’d just knocked several guys down just a few seconds prior.

            And then a few seconds later (2:11) the elevator is stacked with bodies. Where did they come (back) from, just a few seconds ago? Not to mention at 2:35, where it’s clear that there would have been NO FIGHTING ROOM WHATSOEVER for them to pull off half of what they did.

            And let’s not talk about how they further establish Cap’s invulnerability, by having him jump out of a 20 STORY BUILDING, with half of his body landing on the ground, and not so much as break a toe nail, let alone any other bone in his body, as he got up, shook it off, and ran up the street.

            And then they send the gunship after him (why???), that can’t shoot (which is ALWAYS a problem in these Marvel films), and ends up getting destroyed, because…. Gymnastics?

            These Marvel films are ridiculous. They don’t even try to make them make any level of sense.

            Like I said, it’s totally cool if people like them, but let’s not pretend as if they are ground breaking.

          • Um… man, how to respond to this… Okay, well I get where you’re coming from from the realism angle. I also agree that the Batman warehouse fight scene is magnificently choreographed although I again see it mainly from an entertainment perspective… tbh how “realistic” it is I don’t even bother trying to assess. In comparison the fight scene between Batman and Superman is so heavily stylized artistically, intended to be epic feeling and monumental… it’s more like two huge, lumbering, titanic gods fighting in a purely mythic space. But anyway, main point though is you have your personal reaction and who am I to tell you you should not have it?

            There are some things in films here and there that I find difficult to look past. Even if they don’t necessarily ruin the film for me entirely they work against enjoying the film…

            This is a digression from the fight scene discussion, but actually the Martha scene in BvS is one of those. I have pieced together my own internal explanation for Superman 1) having easily determined that Batman is Bruce Wayne shortly after the charity ball encounter, 2) as an investigative reporter (who is obsessed with the Batman story!) having researched Bruce and then of course knows his parents’ names, and 3) using the name Martha intentionally and deliberately to try to jog Bruce back to his senses. But I will acknowledge that while there is ample circumstantial evidence for that interpretation, it probably isn’t what the writers actually intended. I have to either give that (imho) poor bit of writing a pass, or construct that explanation in my head. And similarly with things like the worldly realism of the fights scenes in virtually ~any~ CBM, honestly, I willingly suspending my disbelief in order to be able to enjoy the illusion that the fight would look as cool as it does in the films.

          • SAMURAI36

            I get what you’re saying; the “Martha” part is hard for some people to swallow, even though it wasn’t for me.

            However, the problem I have here, is that people feel the need to try to “balance the equation” in these discussions, by bringing up something from DC that they have a problem with, to show that they are somehow unbiased against Marvel. You’re not the first person to do it.

            For me personally, it’s unnecessary, because Marvel gets away with EVERYTHING when it comes to their flaws. You’d be hard pressed to find a site or discussion where people are picking Marvel apart, especially to the degree that EVERYONE is picking DC apart, on this site as well as numerous others.

            That’s part of the reason why I go into overdrive to demonstrate Marvel’s flaws. Until the day comes where people can talk as honestly about Marvel’s flaws as they do for DC’s, then I will be as hard on Marvel as I can be, since it seems like I’m the only one that’s willing to do it.

          • I share your frustration about the DCEU bashing/MCU stroking disparity. And in addition to DCEU-hating/MCU-loving fans it is also unmistakable to me that there is also a clear media bias in that regard. I’ve come to just shrug it off these days. Although I will add that I genuinely do enjoy the MCU for what it has to offer as well (most of its films, although I was disappointed by AoU and CW). That said, I have a much stronger affinity for the DC superheroes to begin with. And I far prefer the DCEU tonal approach thus far.

            You however have chosen to fight the good fight by taking the MCU films to task when the critics rarely if ever do. I respect what you’re doing and your reasons for it. My own personal choice is to be as fair as possible as I see it, to appreciate whatever positives I can find in whatever it is I’m looking at (at least for CBMs). But I can definitely see why someone would take up the challenge that you have!

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