‘Civil War’ Post-Mortem: But What About Thor?

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These two have had the greatest arcs so far in the MCU. Understandable considering Downey and Evans have been Marvel’s biggest stars and money makers to date.  Bruce Banner/Incredible Hulk has gotten significant character development, though limited to Avengers and Ultron, which he rightfully deserves. We have seen significant progression in Natasha Ramanoff/Black Widow, from the cold, calculating spy, to a woman ready to give it all up for the man she loves, back to being a dominant force. Hell, in a relative guest-starring role, T’Challa/Black Panther developed from the politically reluctant son of King T’Chakka of Wakanda, to a warrior out for vengeance over the death of his father, to abandoning this rage while becoming the Warrior/King, understanding his new responsibilities, and the mantle he has to carry. And this was all done with, what, 25 minutes of screen time? Even Clint Barton/Hawkeye was given a wife and kids!

Thor is the only central character that has not received the same attention to overall character progression.  Sure, we saw an arrogant, immature man-child progress to a god and warrior in Thor.  In Avengers we saw him “get stronger” and more sure of himself and his abilities, he battles the Hulk, but still serves as a punchline (both literally and figuratively).  Thor: The Dark World hits the ground running but then stumbles, faltering into a half fulfilled love story and a lack luster climax.  By the time Thor is on the scene for Ultron, he is mostly used again as a punchline, with one-liners, and gag jokes (it’s all in the swing after all).

At this point in the expanding MCU, Disney/Marvel has launched into Phase 3 with a bang as Civil War is approaching $1 Billion at the box office (if it hasn’t already by the time this publishes). This will be followed later this year by Doctor Strange, in his big screen debut, which by all accounts is going to dazzle and amaze by opening our minds.  On the horizon Marvel also is giving the fans the Spider-Man we deserve within the MCU (and they’re off to a “spectacular” start with that), and Black Panther that will undoubtedly pick up where the post-credits Civil War scene left off.  All this means that more characters are being added.  This is a good thing – developing more characters through their own arcs.

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Wes Harden

Wes Harden

An avid fan of all things Disney/Marvel, Wes hails from Virginia, and is an analyst and veteran. IG @weshardeniv

  • Thanostic

    I think, while he hasn’t used the godforce or anything like that yet, he has been properly portrayed as the 2nd strongest Avenger, behind Hulk. I like how some people talk about how Thor went toe-to-toe with Hulk in the Avengers, but fail to point out that he was only holding his own in the beginning; as Hulk got angrier, he got stronger, and by the end of that fight Hulk was throwing Thor around like a rag doll. Funny how that never gets mentioned….

  • Grimnir13

    My thoughts exactly. Despite the fact that I loved all the casting choices for Thor, the portrayal of his character was lacking. (through no fault of Hemsworth)
    I hoped we would get the mythical, epic side of the character and instead the movies tried to go with the comedic angle. I can only say that if by the end of Infinity War part 2 we won’t see Thor shout “HAVE AT THEE!” and unleash some major asgardian wrath on some unfortunate villain I’ll be really disappointed.

  • Mark

    I agree with your article. I’ve waited for Thor to be offered as more than referred to as a god, but perhaps his arc will be to obtain or discover his full abilities and power, just in time for Thanos. His portrayal has been lacking in the movies thus far. As the only immortal/god with the Avengers, I wanted him to be viewed as the primary, indispensable force the Avengers need to deal with Thanos as a team. I keep having this vision of the movie with Thanos facing off against almost every Avenger out on the plains, exclaiming their hopes are pointless against a god like him. But there’s one Avenger not in attendance yet – and seconds later a hammer from the sky smashes the ground between them, with a huge dust cloud obscuring his vision. As it clears, a shadowy figure walks forth in front of the other Avengers – and the hazy outline shows a billowing cape and a helmet with the familiar wings. Captain Rogers reminds Thanos that “we…have a god” followed by a Stark quipping angrily “….and he’s pissed”. And that’s the beginning of the end for Thanos.

  • Darthmanwe

    Superman problem. It’s always the Superman problem with these type of characters.

    Writers need to depower them or make them less bright so that there is a story. Why Thor is lackluster is why Clark didn’t simply fly around city and Xray the whole place to save his mom.

    You don’t get a movie otherwise. Same problem exists with speedsters ( we all said Quicksilver would pretty much end DoFP in a heartbeat) and certain psychics.

    Writing for these ensemble movies require dumbing down or depowering these characters. So I wouldn’t hold out much hope for Thor.

  • Tom Bacon

    In the MCU, the Asgardians are aliens. We’re not going to see the “Godforce”, nor will we see some of the more OTT abilities. Hopefully, we *will* see a consistent and effective portrayal.

  • Math

    I don’t really know Thor outside of the movies and the cartoons, so excuse me if I’m saying nonsense here… I would imagine that being a god and being very very old, he would have pretty much learned most of his life lessons by now no? I mean, when we observe old people, they don’t really evolve much anymore. People reach a certain point where they are set in their ways, they know who they are and they nearly stop evolving. It’s not always true, but when you reach a certain level of maturity, it takes a lot to change the way you perceive things. So I would guess at his age, it would take a lot to change the way he perceives the world. It already took him so long to learn to be worthy of Mjolnir so clearly he’s a slow learner. 😉 I’m not surprised he’s not evolving as fast as his other colleagues. Just a thought.

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