‘Captain America: Civil War’ Opens Strong With $25M From Thursday Night Screenings

Civil War BO Thursday night

Captain America: Civil War opened strong at the domestic box office last night bringing in $25M. This is well ahead of the previous entry in the franchise as The Winter Soldier brought in $10.2M back in 2014. It’s slightly lower than Age Of Ultron though which racked up $27.6M. Currently the film is looking at a $200M domestic opening weekend which would give it the fourth highest opening weekend of all time but many are predicting that strong word of mouth will likely push it well past that. Sound off with your thoughts on these numbers and the film in the comments section below.

Source: Variety

  • Carl

    Yeah word of mouth and repeat viewing will definitely propel the box office numbers.

    I’m already itching for a 2nd viewing. I want to see a non 3D IMAX showing.

  • Joseph Chaisson

    200 mill its open weekend in the foreign markets.

  • Steve Steve

    Deadline is projecting 178-188, which I find a bit disappointing. After seeing it yesterday, I don’t think it is a good movie for the under 10 crowd, which is probably limiting it’s boxoffice potential. I do, however, think it will beat Ultron in the opening and in the final run. (Ultron did $191 & $459)