Claire Temple Plays A ‘Very Significant’ Role In Marvel’s Luke Cage

In Marvel’s recent run on Netflix there has been very little to connect the shows aside from them both being based in Hell’s Kitchen, other than of course Rosario Dawson’s character Claire Temple. With her character first appearing in Daredevil, then saving the day in Jessica Jones, its now been established that her character will be appearing in a much larger role in the upcoming Luke Cage series.

Yes, Claire Temple has become the Nick Fury of the Netflix MCU.

In a recent interview with IGN,  star Mike Colter let slip some very interesting details about Claire’s role in the upcoming show. 

“I love Rosario, we get along great, I love working with her, so hopefully we’ll see more of her and we’ll see some interesting twists and turns with her character.”

“Luke Cage does take place up town. It’s a different backdrop. How they get her uptown will be very unique, and you’ll see it makes sense, it’s seamless. We’re in the same city. She knows of me, obviously, from a personal standpoint, but it’ll be interesting to see because she will deal with me in a different way than she dealt with Matt Murdock. Matt Murdock’s character’s completely different from mine.

“Because she plays a nurse that basically seems to be in the right place at the right time, and she’s very good at helping out superheroes who are in need, and I think you will see some of that in Luke Cage, ultimately I think she’s going to be a very good companion for Luke. I think she’s someone that Luke needs in his life at this time.”

When asked about the on screen relationship between Luke Cage, and the upcoming romantic involvement that Luke will have with Claire, Coulter responded:

“With Jessica, it was one of those things that when you meet it’s lustful, I think with Jessica, there’s so much chemistry there that we still need to find out are we compatible, and that’s the part that’s going to be interesting. As far as Claire is concerned, we have to wait and see how that relationship evolves. Comparatively speaking, we know Jessica has killed my wife, and so we have to get through that.”

At this point not much else is know about Claire’s role in the upcoming show. We do know that her character’s mother has been cast, so we will be possibly seeing a backstory finally set for the character, and we also know that she will be poised as a love interest for Luke Cage, but aside from those facts we know very little. However,  her upcoming inclusion in Daredevil season 2 may potentially provide some answers. 

Claire Temple is set first to appear in Daredevil: Season 2, on March 18th. And will be set to play a significant role in Marvel’s Luke Cage  later in 2016.

Source: IGN

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