Classic Pokémon Cards Get New Artwork In This Fantastic Reimagining

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Your favorite Pokémon cards have just been given a major artistic upgrade thanks to an inventive artist known only as Lunumbra. This diehard Pokémon fan takes old and faded cards and paints over them in an attempt to refurbish and revitalize them. Needless to say, the results are absolutely stunning. Lunumbra gives the designs a jolt of energy and a personal flair that stays true to the original cards while making them more vibrant than ever.

Lunumbra sells some of these beautiful pieces and also does custom designs from time to time. So you may want to break out your old Pokémon cards and start thinking about which ones you’d like to see get this special treatment. If you’re lucky, this talented artist just might design a masterpiece for you.

Enjoy some of Lunumbra’s incredible handiwork.

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