‘Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger’ Episode 9 Recap: ‘Back Breaker’

Cloak & Dagger Episode 9 Back Breaker Photo 3SPOILER ALERT: The following recap explores major plot details for the the ninth episode of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger entitled, “Back Breakers”.

The episode begins with Evita’s Aunt Shantelle barefoot walking around taking some sips of rum aimlessly making some chalk marks on the ground. She then sees a pipe marked by the Roxxon Corp.

We then see Evita in the classroom being lectured on the arcs of being a true hero (which includes a surprising reference to Rick and Morty). Throughout this lecture, we see that Tandy/Dagger is back at the abandoned church as she burns her father’s likeness from a picture as she continues to stock some of the cash away.

Elsewhere, Detective O’Reilly is seen inside Officer Fuchs’ apartment where there is an ongoing investigation inside given his shocking death. O’Reilly finds bloodied bat that is taken away for means of evidence.

Tyrone/Cloak is with his parents inside the police department as they are being told about the current investigation regarding Detective Connors. Tyrone’s parents leave the department earlier than expected – much to Tyrone’s chagrin.

Aunt Shantelle returns to her home where Evita berates her for her current behavior. As it turns out, Shantelle is concerned about what’s coming to New Orleans as she tells Evita that she senses something dangerous is afoot, to which she suggests to Evita that Tyrone may be involved with the incoming dangers in some way. Evita then looks back at the figure of Tyrone.

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Tandy is shown with another man as she senses the client’s vision in which he desires to be relaxing two attractive women. Tandy then receives a call from Mina Hess, which she rejects.

Tyrone is shown taunted by a classmate, whom he ends up beating up in the hallway until someone stops him.

Tyrone meets with Counselor Delgado, who asks him about why he is where he is. Delgado suggests that Tyrone is still fighting after all these years following Tyrone’s brother Billy’s death. Delgado warns him about what the consequences could be. Delgado also puts two big books for Tyrone to balance on both his arms before he is ready to finally talk about what’s going on in his mind. Tyrone confronts Delgado and accuses him of being a priest in order to protect himself of his own lonely demons. Delgado tries to console Tyrone about God – only for Tyrone to reject God’s existence outright. The two get in a physical altercation that leads Tyrone into Delgado’s own vision. Here, he sees Delgado inside a crashed automobile bleeding and drinking. After leaving this vision, Tyrone apologizes and Delgado, dismayed sends him home.

Elsewhere, Tyrone’s mother Adina is shown at work with the Roxxon Corp. where she expresses some concerns regarding a certain file.

Tandy meets with Mina and her father Ivan Hess, who is recovering from his catatonic state. Ivan asks Tandy about whether she has a plan to take on Roxxon Corp. in some way. Tandy seems particularly distant and concerned in her own state. Mina tells Tandy that she invited her over for brunch because she wants to offer her a job at Roxxon Corp. As Tandy touches Mina’s hand in an affirmative handshake to accept the position, she sees Mina’s vision within a garden of flowers that seems bright and happy. This is until within that vision, she touches her again and sees a sense of darkness that leaves them both deeply uneasy.

Detective O’Reilly is shown at a bar drowning her sorrows in drinks to cope with her mourning over Officer Fuchs’ murder. Inside that same bar, we see a bat similar to the one she saw inside the apartment earlier in the episode.

Tandy is seen inside the police department, where she meets with her ex-boyfriend Liam to bail him out. Liam is shown to be particularly upset over Tandy leaving him behind after she ran off on him. Tandy then takes Liam to the abandoned church. In the church, Liam interrogates Tandy about her own desires and intentions after she mentions she always dreamed of getting married in the church. Tandy expresses to Liam that she wants to build a happier life after so many years of heartbreak. The two get closer as they witness their own vision of a wedding. As Tandy touches Liam within the vision again, the entire building around them starts crumbling as she sees Tyrone enter inside the church. The vision stops as she let’s go of Liam and realizes Tyrone isn’t really there.

Back at the bar, Detective O’Reilly sees Detective Connors sharing a toast to “honor” Officer Fuchs. He then “laments” the tragedy of Fuchs being involved with the wrong people. Enraged, O’Reilly gets the bat inside the bar to beat him down – only to get beat up herself as Connors gloats that despite O’Reilly’s attempts at justice, it couldn’t keep him behind bars.

Evita meets up with Tyrone. As she tries to confront him about his own issues, Tandy surprisingly appears to tell Tyrone to stay out of her head. Tandy touches Evita and sees her vision in which she is a doctor. Before she can see anything else, the vision abruptly ends as Evita makes a shocking realization about Tandy. Evita, angered leaves Tandy and Tyrone as the two have a deep argument about their own personal issues. The argument gets even more heated as Tandy pulls out a dagger to threaten Tyrone. Tyrone, upset leaves Tandy, exclaiming to her, “I’ll see you in your dreams.”

Later in the evening, Evita is shown constructing a figure that looks to share the same figure and likeness of Tandy. Tandy and Tyrone are shown wandering separately as they get lost in their own minds after their altercation from earlier.

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Tandy makes it back into the church to find Liam. Unfortunately for Tandy, Liam is nowhere to be found and the bust that she was keeping all her cash stored in is shown to be empty.

Elsewhere, Mina is shown surveying the pond as she sees a Roxxon Corp. pipe explode. Horrified, two men by that pipe see her and try to chase her down.

Tyrone comes home as he is confronted by his mother Adina. Tyrone asks her about why she didn’t do anything regarding the police department and bringing justice for Billy. Adina suggests that Tyrone’s attempt to bring justice means nothing given the injustices of police system against the black community. Adina fears that she will lose Tyrone if he continues his path to get justice for Billy. Tyrone remains adamant despite his mother’s requests to avoid such dangers.

Suddenly, a SWAT team appears outside the Johnson family’s house as they exclaim that Tyrone is set to be arrested for the murder of Officer Fuchs. Obviously, this hints at Detective Connors framing Tyrone trying to keep himself scot-free of all his crimes. Tyrone flees from the house.

Tandy returns to her mother’s apartment, only to see that she is being held at gunpoint. The gunwoman warns Tandy that if she doesn’t relent, she will kill her mother. The episode then ends as Tandy brandishes a dagger.

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