‘Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger’ Episode 4 Recap: ‘Call/Response’

Cloak and Dagger Marvel FreeformSPOILER ALERT: The following recap explores major plot details for the the fourth episode of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger entitled, “Call/Response”. 

The episode begins immediately where “Stained Glass” left off, in which Tyrone/Cloak and Tandy/Dagger meet at the church. Tyrone feels the need to talk with Tandy about their respective visions as well as their shared past that brought them to where they are today.

The episode is told in a non-linear format as it cuts back and forth between the conversation Cloak and Dagger share in the church and what happens to them the day after. The following recap recounts their church conversation, Dagger’s story arc and Cloak’s story arc set sometime after the conversation in separate sections.

Marvel Cloak & Dagger

Tyrone reflects on his recent bath, which Tandy humorously calls the “fizzy bubble bomb for the soul”. Tyrone attests that the bath gave him answers – but specifically Tandy’s answers. He recounts the vision in which he saw young Tandy in her ballet outfit. He brings up Roxxon Corp., which Tandy recalls is where her father used to work.

They both continue to discuss their pasts as well as how their abilities function, such as how Tandy senses others’ hopes when she touches them.

Tandy also suggests to Tyrone that to bring Detective Connors to justice, he must track down his identity. Tyrone expresses reluctance at entering a police station given the trauma of witnessing a cop kill his unarmed brother Billy as well as the fact that he is a young Black man in the South, where much of the police view people like him as thugs.

Tyrone reflects that through his respective visions and abilities, he is always led back to Tandy. They both try to see what happens when they touch one another again after their recent incident at the graveyard.

After they both touch, they end up triggering a major reaction between each other that launches them into opposite directions inside the church. Tyrone expresses that the sensation was initially a nice one, despite the violent motion.

As their conversation gets deeper, they both discuss much of their personal lives. Tyrone briefly touches upon his new relationship with Evita while Tandy laments how her relationship/partnership with Liam ended up. Both also discuss their relationship with their respective parents.

Tyrone expresses admiration towards Tandy, citing her street-smart sensibilities in helping her survive within the world despite her tragic circumstances. The two question what they need to do next, as Tyrone feels that the universe keeps bringing them together while Tandy feels that the universe keeps tearing them apart.

Tyrone laments that he feels the need to strive for perfection in his life, given the deck of cards he’s been dealt. In reflection of her own situation, Tandy responds, “I wish I was somebody who died.”

Tyrone expresses concerns that Tandy has admitted to having suicidal thoughts, which leads to them both arguing about each other’s respective miseries. Tandy expresses jealousy that both of Tyrone’s parents are still alive while Tyrone associates her with white privilege. Angered, Tandy mentions that in her vision from the previous episode, she sensed that Tyrone’s hopes were that he would commit suicide by cop over and over again, which in turn throws them their separate ways as Tyrone goes home and Tandy resorts back to another lonely evening in snorting her pills.

The Next Day

Cloak & Dagger Episode 3 Tandy

Tandy meets with her mother Melissa again. She asks her about her late father’s case regarding Roxxon Corp. Melissa laments that the case tarnishes his reputation as she and her daughter reminisce about how much of a good man he was and how unfairly he was smeared for the rig explosion by Roxxon Corp., which Melissa describes as a greedy corporation. Melissa suggests that they get some legal help from her current boyfriend Greg Pressfield. Tandy rejects this idea as Greg walks into the apartment with groceries in his hands. Tandy senses Greg’s particular hopes after she touches his hand.

Tandy visits Greg’s office for some help regarding her late father’s case. He lays out some of the details regarding what Roxxon Corp. did – specifically how they let him take the figurative fall with the rig explosion – especially since he is no longer alive to defend himself.

Tandy and Greg both survey some of the files related to the Roxxon Corp. case, to which he discusses his personal life such as how he is married despite currently seeing Melissa. Greg assures Tandy that his relationship with his wife is basically over and its all a matter of the needed paperwork to be done.

Tandy, Melissa and Greg share dinner together, where Greg receives a phone call from his wife – which upsets Melissa so much, that she excuses herself from the table to go to bed early – claiming that she has a job interview in the morning.

Tandy meets with Melissa, who is seen on the couch watching TV. Alas, there is no job interview. Tandy expresses to her mother that Greg is a good man that is willing to help them out with the case, but Melissa reveals to Tandy that she already broken up with him.

That evening, Tandy returns to Greg’s office, where she witnesses someone posing as a delivery woman shooting Greg in the face – killing him. She then sets the rest of the office on fire.

Torn apart, Tandy attempts to tell Melissa about the tragedy she just witnessed – only to hear from behind the door that Melissa is trying to reach Greg on the phone in the hopes to give him another chance.

Towards the end of her respective story, Tandy dives off a pier with a rope and chains locking her feet together. We see her dagger glow in the water as she reemerges to the surface to catch her breath, having cut the rope with her dagger.

Tandy then returns to Greg’s office to retrieve the files related to the Roxxon Corp. case.

Cloak & Dagger Episode 3 Tyrone

Tyrone and Evita are seen together inside a photography dark room. They share a kiss inside the room in a rare moment of tenderness. Later that day, Tyrone stages a theft to make it look like someone robbed his bike.

Tyrone then visits the police department to report that his bike was stolen. While there, he surveys around the department to see if he can find the culprit he’s been looking for. An anxious Tyrone then leaves the department and goes back home where his concerned father Otis finds his clips used to break into his bike lock. Otis laments that this activity was how Billy started to be rebellious and eventually lose his life.

Otis takes Tyrone to visit a group of old friends he used to spend much of his time with years ago. Otis shares with Tyrone much of the regalia that the group has created over the years to inspire him in channeling the strength he needs.

Tyrone starts handling a certain regalia that caught his eyes. He initially believed it to be one of the groups’ throwaways only to learn from Otis that it belonged to Billy before he died. Tyrone tells Otis that he plans to finish the regalia in Billy’s memory. Tyrone and Otis work together to finish Billy’s regalia.

The next morning, Tyrone cooks breakfast for both his parents before he returns back to the police department as he asks to speak with Detective O’Reilly.

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