‘Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger’ Episode 6 Recap: ‘Funhouse Mirrors’

Cloak and Dagger Funhouse MirrorsSPOILER ALERT: The following recap explores major plot details for the the sixth episode of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger entitled, “Funhouse Mirrors”.

The episode begins with Evita and her Auntie Shantelle together as Auntie Shantelle begins to conduct some sort of card reading about the city of New Orleans while she also has suspicions about Evita’s connections with Tyrone/Cloak and the powers she senses within him.

Tyrone continues to investigate Duane and what goes on in his warehouse and business while Tandy/Cloak finds herself posing as an intern for Mina Hess as she investigates more into the Roxxon Corp. case.

In the hopes to capture Detective Connors from the inside, Tyrone propositions with Duane about taking on a job with him at the warehouse, lamenting about the loss during the finals basketball game. Duane denies Tyrone a job, claiming that he has more opportunities and a future that those working in the warehouse don’t have at the moment. As Duane leaves, Tyrone continues to investigate a certain person – only to be warned at gunpoint by someone.

Detective O’Reilly returns back to the department, to which she is warned about Detective Connors being a “flammable” individual.

Auntie Shantelle conducts her card reading with Evita, to which she expresses that disaster may be afoot. Auntie Shantelle has a feeling that the next big story will revolve around Tyrone in some way.

Cloak and Dagger Funhouse Mirrors 3

Tyrone and Tandy find themselves reuniting at the church they met up at weeks before. They both discuss their current investigations and journeys in the hopes to achieve their own justice for their respective losses rooted back to the oil rig explosion.

Tandy explores an abandoned amusement park where she meets up with Mina to start her “internship”. The two survey a river as they both develop a surprisingly warm partnership.

Detective O’Reilly and Detective Connors discuss the current drug investigation. Connors suggests O’Reilly to join him on a drive for the case – but O’Reilly insists on being the driver. The two pull over at the same place where Tyrone was currently investigating. Connors confronts one of Duane’s workers, to which he warns him and Duane about not making things about the business so visible.

Mina takes Tandy to see this valve she’s been working on, to which she gives her some insight about the oil rig explosion. She explains that Roxxon Corp. was drilling for oil that ended up burning 10 times as hot. Unfortunately, the drill never stopped and through that, the explosion occurred. A Roxxon Corp. representative named Stan tells Mina to check on a faulty valve, to which Tandy discovers was misplaced 10 meters away from where it was supposed to be. Mina berates Stan about the misplacement. Angered, Tandy uses one of her daggers to puncture one of Stan’s tires.

Tyrone is going about his way when he is confronted by the same gunman once again for his bag. Through sensing his fears, the man flees from Tyrone – scared. Tyrone brings the bag back to Duane – much to his surprise. Tyrone hopes this gesture was a motivating factor as a means to work with him. Duane asks Tyrone to drive with him to see what he really does for his job.

Tandy and Mina vent their frustrations as they both reminisce about their respective fathers. Mina expresses that Nathan Bowen was the Steve Jobs to her father Ivan Hess’ Steve Wozniak. Mina finds a bee on Tandy’s neck and blows it away gently. Through this moment, the bond between the two is truly cemented although Mina finally realizes Tandy’s true identity given her constant questions about Ivan Hess and Nathan Bowen.

Detective Connors gives Duane a phone call about a potential meeting in the evening. Unbeknownst to Duane, he seems to be set up to be caught by both Connors and Detective O’Reilly later that night. Duane takes Tyrone on a drive as he prepares to give him a sense at what his daily hustle is like. When Tyrone asks about justice, Duane dismisses the idea because he believes that justice is only for white people elsewhere and not for them where they live.

Cloak and Dagger Funhouse Mirrors 2

They go back to the warehouse as Tyrone confronts Duane about working with Detective Connors and expresses anger that Duane took advantage of the death of Tyrone’s brother Billy to achieve financial stability. Tyrone feels that Billy died in vain because of this fact.

Outside, Detective Connors knocks on the warehouse door with Detective O’Reilly in the car. Duane commands Tyrone to leave because of this and expresses that they will continue this conversation for another time.

Elsewhere, we see Mina meet up with her father Ivan. As it turns out, Ivan is shown in a near-catatonic state. Tandy surprises Mina there, apologizing for not telling the truth early on. Tandy asks Mina if she could communicate with Ivan, to which she touches his hand and is transported to his vision. Inside, Tandy finds a locked safe but before she opens it, she is taken back to reality. She tells him her name and expresses that her late father worked with him in the past.

Back in the warehouse, Detective Connors commands Duane to shoot Detective O’Reilly. Duane refuses but Connors expresses that the Los Angeles Police Department will be kept off his back. As this occurs, Tyrone hides as he calls O’Reilly to warn her about what’s happening. As a result of the worst possible timing, O’Reilly enters the warehouse and shoots Duane.

Tyrone, startled runs off as Detective Connors attempts to shoot him – only for him to transport back into the church where he meets Tandy. Tyrone looks at Tandy in a mournful state as he breaks down to her in tears- feeling all the guilt now that Duane is likely dead.

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