Marvel’s ‘Cloak & Dagger’ Episode 8 Recap: ‘Ghost Stories’

Cloak & Dagger Ghost Stories Episode 8SPOILER ALERT: The following recap explores major plot details for the the eighth episode of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger entitled, “Ghost Stories”.

The episode begins with a flashback to both Tandy/Dagger and Tyrone/Cloak eight years prior before the oil rig explosion occurred. Tandy practices her ballet in the living room as she shares a nice moment with her father Nathan Bowen as she expresses that she wants to be a dancer when she grows up. Elsewhere, Tyrone is with his brother Billy thumb wrestling with each other. Tyrone asks Billy about how life will be like once he turns his age. Billy reassures Tyrone that he will be bigger, stronger and braver than he is at that moment. It then cuts to the very evening of the oil rig explosion.

Back to present day, we see that Detective O’Reilly having a breakfast with Officer Fuchs. She tells him that she intends to bring down Detective Connors, to which Fuchs agrees to help her out with the deed.

Tandy is in the hospital where to meet with Ivan Hess, who has since recovered from his catatonic state. Tandy asks Ivan to recall the events from eight years prior. Ivan still has blurred memories regarding the incident but recalls that her father Nathan sent Roxxon Corp. a memo warning them about the design of the oil rig. At the time, Ivan thought Nathan was being paranoid but now knows that Roxxon was just cutting corners. Ivan warns Tandy that Roxxon could be dangerous and expresses stress over this affecting his daughter Mina’s future.

Tandy returns back to her mother Melissa’s apartment. They share a coffee as they discuss their plans on commemorating Nathan’s memory. Tandy asks Melissa if she remembers where Nathan kept a deposit box, to which she also expresses that she has a theory about where it may be. As they go through said box, they look through some of his old belongings. Melissa recalls a memory when she was still pregnant with Tandy and tells a story about an evening she shared with Nathan many years ago.

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Elsewhere, Tyrone is back at his home sharing breakfast with his parents as his father Otis asks him about how he’s feeling. Tyrone hears a knock on his door, who is revealed to be Tandy. Tyrone is reluctant to invite her inside, but eventually lets her in and introduces her to his parents. Tandy tells Tyrone’s parents about the fact that her father died the same day Billy did and asks if they will be doing anything to remember him on the eighth anniversary of his death. Tandy invites Tyrone to join her, but stays behind in the house. As Tandy leaves, she is shown to have taken Tyrone’s mother Adina’s Roxxon ID card.

We go back to a flashback in which we see young Tandy and Tyrone washed up on the beach. Tandy leaves him behind as she runs off and later dials her cell phone to call her mother, which leaves her at the voicemail.

Back at the police department, Detective Connors shows Detective O’Reilly a police sketch of Tyrone’s likeness, demanding her to look for him and bring him to authorities.

Back at Tyrone’s house, numerous relatives and friends from Otis’ Mardi Gras tribe enter the house as they prepare to design cloaks. Otis is seen in tears as he holds onto Billy’s old cloak. Tyrone then receives a text from Detective O’Reilly. O’Reilly warns Tyrone that Detective Connors is after him. Tyrone expresses his vendetta against Connors and O’Reilly tries to warn him to lay low so she can try to bring him down herself.

We go back to another flashback following young Tyrone as he winds up meeting with a group on a tour at the same exhibit present-day Tyrone met Evita at. Young Tyrone runs off as the tour guide asks him where his mother is.

Back to present day, Tandy starts surveying through her evidence about the Roxxon Corp. case while Tyrone looks over his cloak and uses red paint to put some fake blood stains on a t-shirt.

Tyrone goes to both Detective O’Reilly and Officer Fuchs with the t-shirt. He plans on pretending to be the ghost of Billy to use Detective Connors’ fears to bring him to justice. Both O’Reilly and Fuchs express concern over the plan, but Tyrone states that he’s fast enough to avoid certain doom from Connors’ hands. To prove his point, Tyrone brings out his cloak and puts it over himself as he attempts to demonstrate his abilities to them.

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We go back to young Tandy’s flashback, in which she goes inside the house and sees that Melissa is unconscious – likely from drinking too much.

Present-day Tandy sneaks inside Roxxon Corp. with Adina’s ID as she attempts to find more information. She sneaks up onto Roxxon CEO Peter Scarborough and threatens him with a glowing dagger.

Elsewhere, Tyrone uses his cloak abilities to pose as some sort of phantom to haunt Detective Connors of that very day eight years prior in which he killed Billy.

A horrified Detective Connors meets with Detective O’Reilly outside. O’Reilly hands Connors a sketch of Billy’s likeness rather than Tyrone’s – further triggering his fears. Connors sees Tyrone in his cloak running away as he chases him down with a gun in his hands.

Tyrone continues to frighten Detective Connors as he keeps running around – which is revealed to be in the same place where he killed Billy eight years prior. Tyrone finally confronts Connors posing as Billy’s ghost as he reveals the bloodied shirt. As Tyrone continues to provoke Connors, Connors finally admits to killing Billy. Officer Fuchs is revealed to be filming this exchange as Detective O’Reilly puts Connors in handcuffs.

We see Scarborough tied to a chair as Tandy interrogates him about the oil rig. She pulls out much of her evidence and reminds him that Greg Pressfield knew about much of the Roxxon case but before anything could be done, he was killed by an unidentified water jug deliverer to prevent any legal issues against Scarborough and Roxxon. Tandy provokes Scarborough about all his lies to which he bribes her to not reveal all the evidence to the press. She rejects the offer as she leaves him behind.

Back at the department, Detective Connors is still in handcuffs. Detective O’Reilly and Officer Fuchs reflect on Tyrone’s cloak abilities. O’Reilly reveals that she’s seen it all before given that she is from New York. She even tells Fuchs about a friend of her’s named Misty.

Tandy and Tyrone meet together that evening at the beach. Tandy introduces Melissa to Tyrone, to which she expresses sympathy to Tyrone on the anniversary of his brother’s death.

Tandy and Tyrone touch Melissa’s hands as they are transported to a vision of Tandy’s old front door. They go inside with uncertainty as they see a nearly-empty theater. They see Melissa sitting as she watches a memory of her and Nathan.

Suddenly, the memory stops playing and Melissa disappears. Tandy rips through the screen with her dagger as she and Tyrone see the memory in black and white. Here, we see Melissa accidentally spill her coffee all over Nathan’s work. Nathan then physically assaults her out of anger – much to Tandy’s shock and dismay.

Back to reality, Tandy is visibly distraught from seeing the vision as she, Tyrone and Melissa light up a lantern in memory of Nathan and Billy.

Tandy walks away quite sad from the vision she witnessed. Tyrone follows her. We briefly see the flashback in which her younger self talks to her mother, whom tells her not to trust anyone and that they’re destined to be left alone. Present-day Tandy then calls Scarborough, exclaiming that she’s changed her mind and decides to accept Scarborough’s bribe. Tandy is shown back inside the abandoned church as she stuffs wads of $100 bills inside a statue.

A brief flashback shows young Tyrone watching his parents have an emotional discussion following Billy’s death. Present-day Tyrone returns home as he looks over the cloak.

Elsewhere, Detective Connors goes to visit Officer Fuchs for their planned breakfast. She opens the refrigerator and is shocked when she finds Fuchs’ frozen corpse stuffed inside it.

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