‘Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger’ Episode 7 Recap: ‘Lotus Eaters’

Cloak & Dagger Lotus Eaters BannerSPOILER ALERT: The following recap explores major plot details for the the seventh episode of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger entitled, “Lotus Eaters”.

The episode begins with a flashback sequence in which we see a young Mina Hess with her father Ivan Hess the morning before he returns to the oil rig when the infamous explosion occurs. While at work, he gets angered over the fact that the conduction sealing tiles never came and therefore, weren’t installed. He alerts someone to notify Nathan Bowen about that fact, to which the emergency lights are triggered. We then see Ivan in present day in his catatonic state.

Back at the church, Tyrone/Cloak and Tandy/Dagger are at the church, where Tyrone still mourns over the death of Duane – blaming himself just like he did over his brother Billy’s death eight years prior. Tandy attempts to reassure Tyrone by telling him that her father Nathan used to say that one must learn from their failures.

Tandy takes Tyrone to see Ivan in an attempt to find out what the yellow door inside Ivan’s vision leads to. Through the yellow door, they appear on the oil rig when one of the workers attempt to attack them both, showing that the rules inside this vision are completely different when they both work together. The two then meet with Ivan inside the vision, whom is unaware of his name.

The duo realize that they are on the oil rig and rush themselves downstairs to the core room to find the killswitch and the valves. On their way there, they are confronted by two workers trying to bring them down. They both realize that the oil rig is about to explode like the incident eight years prior. Through this realization, they are transported back to Ivan via some loop – signifying that this vision has occurred inside Ivan’s mind indefinitely since the incident.

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Tyrone and Tandy follow closely with Ivan to attain some more information  as they continue to explore the oil rig during the explosion. Tandy attempts to tell Ivan that she and Tyrone are from the real world and that this vision is a result of him being in a catatonic state for eight years. Ivan laughs her off, much to her dismay.

Tandy attempts to remind Ivan of his daughter Mina, whom he denies ever having despite expressing a deep desire to have one. Tandy then brings up her father Nathan Bowen, which triggers a memory within Ivan. He remembers his name, and cites that he is always calling. Through this fact, Tandy picks up the phone when it rings and starts to talk to her father.

Nathan expresses concern about hearing Tandy on the rig. Fighting through tears, she tells him that she misses him as the explosion triggers her and Tyrone back to the beginning of the loop with Ivan.

Tyrone fears Tandy is too emotionally compromised from talking to her father on the phone, to which he decides to get to the core room himself to rescue everyone inside the oil rig. We then see the same two workers get compromised in attempts to stop the explosion as they along with several other workers start to surround him right before he teleports elsewhere on the rig. As he attempts to fend off the workers on his own, we see Tandy on the phone talking with her father as she asks him about his day. Tyrone tries to stop the valves and hitting the killswitch – only for the explosion to occur taking them back to the beginning of the loop.

Tyrone tells Tandy that they should leave the vision and return to the real world. Tandy is reluctant because she still wants to talk to her father on the phone. Tyrone removes himself from the vision while Tandy remains inside Ivan’s vision. Frustrated, Tyrone enters back inside the vision as he realizes that Tandy has been stuck inside it for a long period of time – so much so that she even briefly forgets Tyrone’s name.

A concerned Tyrone attempts to snap Tandy out of her own mind. Given her own fears and fragmented memories, Tandy dismisses Tyrone’s claims that they are friends and expresses that she is fine inside the vision. The explosion occurs and they return to the beginning of the loop.

Tyrone asks Tandy about how many loops she has been through, to which she reveals that she had lost count after 200. Tyrone tries to tell Tandy that she has lost touch with reality and that wanting to hear her father’s voice does not justify staying inside Ivan’s vision. An angry Tandy lashes out at Tyrone, claiming that he would want to do the same thing if he were put in her shoes and it was his brother Billy on the phone.

Tandy attempts to use her daggers to attack Tyrone. As Tyrone dodges her daggers, he provokes her emotionally in accusing her of not telling her father the truth on the phone calls about her life in the present day – about how she has no friends and has turned to drugs. Tandy prepares yet another dagger as the explosion occurs and they are sent back to the beginning of the loop.

Tandy demands Tyrone to leave the vision, to which he replies that he would do the same thing if it were Billy on the phone. Tyrone laments that he does not remember Billy’s voice anymore and even agrees to leave Tandy alone in the vision if she asks her father one question. On the call, Tandy tearfully asks her father if someone is riding in the backseat – to which he claims that nobody is. The explosion occurs once again.

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Tandy notices that Ivan is eating one of those cookies that his Mina made for him. She uses the cookie to remind him of Mina, claiming that despite all the dramatic situations in life, he has a responsibility in protecting his daughter. Ivan still forgets about Mina, but his memory of her comes back to him when Tandy reminds him of cardamom – the natural antidepressant. Ivan takes a bite out of the cookie and laments that he needs to get back to Mina but is unable to because he is stuck where he is. Tyrone tells Ivan that he can possibly escape from this state if he goes to the core room. The explosion occurs once again.

Tyrone, Tandy and Ivan rush towards the core room as they each fend off the compromised workers in an attempt to prevent the explosion from occurring. As Ivan tries to take care of the valves, the explosion brings them back to reality as he reemerges from his catatonic state. Ivan does not recognize the two, to which he asks them about where his daughter Mina is. The father and daughter then have an emotional reunion as Tyrone and Tandy leave.

Tyrone returns home while Tandy goes back to the church. Tyrone opens an old shoe box that includes an old tape and hand recorder from his father, to which he calls Tandy. Tyrone expresses to Tandy that she may be the only person that truly understands his situation. Tyrone plays the tape for her, which includes audio of him from years ago along with his brother Billy. The audio involves young Tyrone beatboxing as Billy freestyle raps.

As the tape ends, Tandy jokes with Tyrone about it. Feeling quite touched by their conversation, Tandy asks Tyrone to play the tape again. And in this moment, the two are closer than they ever been thus far – hinting at their blossoming romance that looms ahead.

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