‘Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger’ Episode 3 Recap: ‘Stained Glass’

Cloak & Dagger Episode 3SPOILER ALERT: The following recap explores major plot details for the the third episode of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger entitled, “Stained Glass”. 

After its two-part series premiere on Freeform, Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger returns for its third episode, “Stained Glass”.

The episode begins immediately where “Suicide Sprints” left off, where Tandy left Liam behind at the dry cleaners’ as she drove away as far as she could. As for Tyrone, we see that he attempts to shoot at the cop that killed his brother Billy eight years ago. Although the trigger was pulled, we see Tyrone teleported to where Tandy was driving. The gunshot startles her, which causes her to crash the car into a tree.

Tandy attempts to recover from the collision, as she feels quite hazy as she fears Tyrone may kill her given the revolver in his hand. Tyrone attempts to calm her down, telling her she may have a concussion from the collision as they both realize each other’s identities. She questions him about the gunshot, to which he struggles to properly explain. Tandy abandons him as she drives off in a haze, exclaiming directly to Tyrone that she doesn’t want to see him again.

The episode refers back to this incident a little later, to reflect on both Tandy and Tyrone’s point-of-view after the fact.


Cloak & Dagger Episode 3 TandyDetective Brigid O’Reilly visits the victim of Tandy’s dagger at the hospital. She questions him on whether or not he saw the suspect, why his pants were down at the scene of the crime and even takes notice at the scars on his face.

Tandy returns home as she tends to the wound on her head as a result of the collision. Her mother Melissa finds her in the bathroom as Detective O’Reilly knocks on the door, asking for Tandy. Melissa covers for her Tandy – much to her surprise. O’Reilly claims that she is trying to help Tandy out, given that she was involved in an assault. O’Reilly leaves Melissa with her card, and Melissa finds that Tandy is missing from the bathroom.

Tandy is shown inside a charter bus as she attempts to leave New Orleans behind for good. As she tries to seclude herself into her bus seat, the previously-packed bus is now empty besides her. Tandy cautiously explores the bus and suddenly, its entrance doors open wide to a particularly bright day where she sees a young Tyrone dribbling a basketball at a court in an alley.

She witnesses Billy appearing at the basketball court along with his friends, where he stays with little Tyrone at the basketball court in the alley.

Tandy is then transported to witness a repeating vision of Tyrone wearing a 1700’s style coat as he tries to take justice into his own hands. The first time around, he brandishes a musket and kills the cop – followed by the deaths of his parents as the police come for him. The second time around, he falls victim to a noose after the police threaten him. For the third and final time, Tandy leaves him with her own dagger. Tyrone picks the dagger up, which turn into a pair of handcuffs that lead the cop to run away.

Tandy is seen walking inside a room where young Tyrone is shown crying – likely mourning Billy’s death.


Cloak & Dagger Episode 3 TyroneAfter Tandy left him behind amidst the police sirens, Tyrone goes back to the school’s chapel where he expresses how much he misses Billy. Tyrone gets interrupted by his classmate Evita, who asks him if he has any plans after school.

Tyrone is shown taking the trolley to where Evita serves as a tour guide for the Damballah Voodoo Tours. Evita asks Tyrone to volunteer to participate in a demonstration in front of an ancient tombstone that grants wishes. Following the ordered gestures, Tyrone claps for his wish.

Evita takes Tyrone to visit her Auntie Shantelle, who owns a collection of voodoo figures as old as New Orleans. She senses that Tyrone is in need of help as she brings out her cards to read his spiritual state. Tyrone is told he needs to take a spiritual cleansing bath to which he purchases his needed materials from Whole Foods.

Tyrone takes Evita to his house, where they start prepare his cleansing bath as he awkwardly strips down in front of her. Tyrone relaxes in the bathtub as he lets his thoughts flow through his mind. He opens the curtains and sees that Evita is gone.

Tyrone cautiously walks downstairs, feeling perplexed as he walks out the door of his house. He is shown to be on the roof of Roxxon Corp. once again where he sees a young Tandy in her Ballet outfit.

Tyrone realizes that he is staring at young Tandy as she is shown practicing her choreography. Tyrone notices that there is electricity nearby the puddle of water where young Tandy is dancing, and he runs to protect her. He is then teleported to witness a vision in which present-day Tandy stares helplessly as her father is being drowned by his fellow Roxxon Corp. co-workers. Tyrone continues to see alternate versions of this vision, with the final version showing Tandy utilizing a dagger once again. Tyrone then sees a mysterious door and opens it.

He walks inside a chapel in which young Tandy is serving as a priest at mass where each person in line collapses after receiving their respective blessings. In the oddest blessing of them all, we see Liam at the altar before he collapses.

Cloak and Dagger Marvel FreeformTyrone and Tandy, or better yet Cloak and Dagger reach the end of their respective visions when they are seen at opposite ends of a chapel window. They both achieve physical contact as the hands of Cloak and Dagger touch, bringing them back to their respective spots before their visions.

We then see Detective Connors hands O’Reilly Rick Cotton’s ID, which he claims to have found from a junkie. Connors claims that the case is closed and that it was a mugging gone wrong, which O’Reilly challenges given that she believes the evidence claims otherwise.

O’Reilly receives a phone call from none other than Tandy, who tells her that Melissa gave her the card from earlier. Tandy expresses she is willing to deal with the situation – much to O’Reilly’s surprise. Tandy meets with O’Reilly about what could be done – only to be disappointed as she leaves her in the car.

Tyrone walks with Evita that evening, where she asks him about the wish he made earlier that day as well as what he saw during his bath. The two share then share a kiss.

We turn back to Auntie Shantelle, who is shown constructing a voodoo figure based on Tyrone’s features before the titular duo of Cloak & Dagger reunite once again at the chapel, to which Dagger expresses that they need to talk.

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