Marvel’s ‘Cloak & Dagger’ Season Finale Recap: ‘Colony Collapse’

Cloak & Dagger Season Finale Colony Collapse 1SPOILER ALERT: The following recap explores major plot details for the the first season finale of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger entitled, “Colony Collapse”.

The episode begins with a scene in which Shantelle telling a story of the early Native Americans that lived in New Orleans. This story hints at how the city became how it is known today. As Shantelle finishes the story, we see Evita place two figures modeled after the likenesses of both Tandy/Dagger and Tyrone/Cloak.

We finally pick up where the previous episode left off, in which Tandy is at her mother Melissa’s apartment. Melissa is being held at gunpoint by the gunwoman who posed as a water delivery woman that killed Greg Pressfield. The gunwoman threatens that if Tandy doesn’t relent, she will pull the trigger on Melissa. Tandy contemplates using a dagger but surrenders to the gunwoman by offering her to see the Roxxon Corp. files.

Melissa uses a kitchen knife to stab the gunwoman as Tandy pins her down. Tandy uses a dagger to maim the gunwoman further as she flees from the apartment before Melissa could use a gun on her. Tandy leaves her mother at the apartment as she prepares for the most frightening part of her journey thus far.

Tyrone is seen surveying through all the articles of clothing at the Wild Red Hawks headquarters. Tyrone is stopped by his father Otis as he gives him a cloak. Police enter inside the building as Otis warns Tyrone to run away as fast as he can.

Cloak & Dagger Season Finale Colony Collapse 2

Tandy fends off some major physical threats from Roxxon Corp. representatives that have turned into Terrors as she rescues Mina. Tandy reveals that the oil rig explosion from eight years ago conducted power that unleashed upon representatives that turned them crazy. Mina realizes that there are multiple valves throughout the city that could once again explode and bring more chaos to the city. Much to their dismay, Tandy and Mina realize that they have to go to Roxxon Corp. to stop this from happening. The two drive away as Tandy reassures Mina about destiny.

Tyrone is seen wearing the cloak as he goes through a Mardi Gras festival. Detective O’Reilly comes nearby to pick him up, only for police to take them both in custody given that Tyrone is reluctant to use his cloak powers in front of so many people.

Evita and Shantelle discuss Tyrone’s divine pairing. Evita is particularly uncertain about what’s coming to New Orleans as Shantelle continues to discuss the city’s history and how it looks to repeat itself in their current circumstances.

As Tyrone and Detective O’Reilly are taken into the police department, Tyrone sees his cloak being hidden away by one of the cops. They are put inside the evidence room instead of the cell before they can be properly booked. The two confront Officer Lafayette in the hopes to convince him to protect them from the injustice inflicted upon them by Detective Connors. Before Lafayette could release them, another Officer comes in – much to Tyrone and O’Reilly’s chagrin.

Tandy and Mina find Peter Scarborough at Roxxon Corp in an elevator. The two interrogate him about the valves about to explode and Tandy specifically questions Scarborough about his reasons. Scarborough argues that to attain such power, one must “Keep up with the Joneses as well as the Starks and Rands.” Scarborough tells them that the kill switch and shutoff valves are in the annex buildings of Roxxon by the waterfront. Tandy touches Scarborough to see some of his hopes. As it turns out, Scarborough has a God complex and is told by Tandy to walk through a door in order to attain such power.

Back at the police department, Detective Connors tells both Tyrone and Detective O’Reilly that he intends to have both of them killed. As they all leave the evidence room, Terrors enter inside the department and cause chaos.

Tandy and Mina are being chased away by Terrors as they try to escape in order to find the kill switch. Unfortunately, Mina gets touched by one of the Terrors. Much to Tandy’s dismay, Mina has become a Terror and attempts to make contact with Tandy. Tandy brandishes a dagger fearful that she may have to hurt Mina.

At the same time, the police department is in full pandemonium as Tyrone and Detective O’Reilly find the cloak in order to escape. O’Reilly tells Tyrone to escape as she will remain in the department to fight off the Terrors inside. Tyrone then transports to where Tandy is, and uses a stun gun to stop Mina from making physical contact with Tandy.

Tandy and Tyrone are back at the abandoned church as they lament the situation. Tandy now doesn’t have Mina around to help out while Tyrone’s cloak is ripped to shreds . To their surprise, Evita appears at the church with the two figures and warns them that one of them may have to die to prevent the Terrors’ threats from further devastating the city. Tyrone tells Evita to leave and stay safe as the two share a kiss before she leaves – in an uneasy state.

Tandy and Tyrone relay their plans to stop these threats. Tyrone is uncertain about his abilities without the cloak. Tandy gives him his brother Billy’s old hoodie – revealing that it was the first thing she ever stole.

The two are back outside as they fend off countless Terrors. Detective O’Reilly is seen gunning down some Terrors to help them out – only for Detective Connors to shoot her and a valve to unleash more toxins. Connors shoots Connors again and kicks her into the ocean.

Cloak & Dagger Season Finale Colony Collapse 3

Detective Connors finds Tandy and Tyrone and threatens to shoot them both. Tandy brandishes a dagger against Connors as Tyrone uses his cloak abilities to frighten Connors. Much to his surprise, Connors is enveloped within and disappears. Tyrone decides to use stop the valve explosion himself to survive leaving Tandy behind. As Tyrone tries to do it himself, Tandy appears in order to help. Tandy suggests that instead of only one of them dying, they will both work together and perhaps perish together as well. As the threats continue to build, the two hold hands as their powers create their own respective energy portals to the sky.

Much to their surprise, the two are then seen lying down at the top of the building. The two of them look at each other, smiling and still holding hands.

Following Tandy and Tyrone’s successful deed, Evita is seen putting away the two figures in a chest. Also, Scarborough remains transfixed inside the elevator while cops are seen at the Johnson family’s house as Tyrone’s mother Adina finds his letterman jacket inside his room as she smiles in uncertainty with the feeling that her son is still out there. Tandy returns to her mother’s apartment as she shows her the front page of the newspaper showing the headline, “Roxxon Responsible”. Tyrone is shown taking refuge inside the abandoned church as he places a frame inside the building.

Tandy meets Tyrone inside the church with what she deems as a care package. Tyrone jokes that Tandy never knew how to care, to which she humorously responds to him, “I’m learning.” The two smile at one another despite what the uncertainty of what lies ahead.

In a post credits scene, we see Detective O’Reilly reemerge from the water despite being shot numerous times from Detective Connors earlier. She is shown to have attained new abilities, teasing her return for the second season as Mayhem.

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