‘Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger’ Series Premiere Recap: Episodes 1 & 2

Cloak & Dagger Series Premiere SPOILER ALERT: The following recap explores major plot details for the two-part series premiere for Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger on Freeform. You can read a non-spoiler review here.

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger opens up with its first chapter entitled, “First Light”.

The episode opens as we are introduced to a young Tandy Bowen (Dagger) who is happily participating in her Ballet class. She struggles with her focus but remains excited with her fellow Ballerinas. The dance room is pleasant, the environment is elegant but most importantly, everything feels safe in Tandy’s world.

Unfortunately for young Tyrone Johnson (Cloak), his environment is far from safe. We initially see him interact in the gloomy outside world with his big brother Billy, who warns him to go back home to their parents given the rainy weather.

We cut immediately to the evening as it starts to rain cats and dogs. Tandy steps outside of the dance room as she waits for her father to pick her up. As her father drives her home, he picks up a work-related call that distracts him from focusing on the road – to which he steers off-course after nearly crashing into a big rig truck. Unfortunately, given the heavy rain and the faulty driving, the car crashes into the ocean – leaving Tandy attempting to rescue her now-lifeless Dad.

Elsewhere, Tyrone steals back a car stereo for Billy, to which the cops witness. Both flee in an attempt to find safety but an unarmed Billy is shot by a cop and falls into the water as a result of this. Tyrone, now traumatized dives into the water to rescue his now-lifeless brother.

As both Tandy and Tyrone lose their loved ones in such tragic circumstances, an offshore rig explodes that unbeknownst to them at the time, gives Tandy the ability to emit light daggers and Tyrone the ability to engulf others in darkness and transport them through the Darkforce dimension. It won’t be until several years later where they realize how this shared tragedy will bring them together.

Cut to present day, we see that Tandy works as a con-artist with her boyfriend Liam to earn some extra cash as she hustles a man named Rick Cotton at a party. They rob much of Rick’s possessions that include tickets to a Ballet performance.

We also see that Tyrone is a basketball player at his high school. During a game, he has a physical altercation with a player from the other team.

Both Tandy and Tyrone go back to their respective homes as they both attempt to escape their respective sorrows and adolescent demons as they both don their headphones as they fall asleep.

A flashback brings us back to young Tandy sometime after her father’s death. We see people from her father’s company Roxxon Corp., confiscating some files because they blame him for the oil rig explosion as we also see that Tandy’s mother panics.

The next day, Tyrone is invited by a female classmate named Evita to a party later that evening. There, he and Tandy finally meet for the first time. Both share a flirtatious interaction, he realizes that Tandy pick-pocketed his wallet after he attempts to buy a cup for some beer. Tandy attempts to flee from the party as Tyrone chases her down – to which their hands touch and they realize that they were both those young kids at the beach during the heavy rainstorm that took the lives of their loved ones. Right after this initial contact, both separate once again with more mysteries.

Tandy has an intimate moment with Liam that same evening, to which she reluctantly opens up about her childhood tragedy to him and ponders over her trauma given her father’s death. Liam attempts to console her in the conversation but she remains down in the dumps.

We cut back to Tyrone, when he wakes up on the roof of the Roxxon Corp. This is followed by a flashback that finds young Tyrone with his parents at the police department, where they are given a false description of Billy’s death. Tyrone pleads that Billy was shot and killed by a cop, but the Police Chief plays video evidence of Tyrone carjacking for the stereo – to which the Chief is adamant that Billy drowned with drugs in his system and not from bullet wounds.

Tandy is back at home, where she attempts to take refuge in pills she’s crushing. She hears her mother Melissa in the apartment, to which she accidentally cuts her hand with the knife she was using to crush the pills.

Melissa is shown to be a alcohol and substance abuser herself, as she complains to her daughter about her job and alerts her about the new boyfriend she has. She sees that her daughter’s hand is injured, to which Tandy flashes back to an early memory from childhood where she, Melissa and her father are together as she practices Ballet.

Elsewhere, Tyrone stumbles upon Detective Connors – whom he believes to be the cop that killed Billy. He ends up back at his house as he researches for more information regarding that specific cop as his mother Adina Johnson enters his room angry that he missed school that day. Adina complains that his jacket reeks of alcohol and expresses concern over where his life is headed. Both have a heart-to-heart conversation that touches upon Billy’s death and how it scars the family to this very day. To his surprise, Tyrone teleports inside the trunk of a random vehicle

That same evening, Tandy attends the Ballet performance with the ticket she recently stole. Following the performance, she is caught by Rick and is cornered into an alley by him and his friends. As things get worse, Tandy creates a light dagger that wounds Rick, whom flees out of fear.

The trunk that Tyrone is inside is revealed to be following Detective Connors.. He uses a brick of cocaine to bring down one of the men present as he flees to escape from Connors. Tyrone tries his hardest to protect himself from getting shot, to which he transports back to his bedroom.

A flashback shows young Tandy and Tyrone back on that beach. Tandy wakes up right next to Tyrone, who is still asleep on the sand. She leaves him behind and we later see Tyrone wake up alone on the sand.

Both Tandy and Tyrone are shown reflecting on what they witnessed regarding their abilities as the first episode of Cloak & Dagger comes to a close.

The two-part series premiere recap of Cloak & Dagger continues below, recounting the second episode, “Suicide Sprints”.

Cloak & Dagger Episode 2Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger continues as “Suicide Spirits” begins with a flash-forward in which a car with the banner “Just Married” on the back crashed into a tree. The events prior to that collision serve as the narrative for the entire episode.

Detective Brigid O’Reilly is shown exploring a crime scene that is revealed to be the same alley in which Tandy dealt with the night prior as evidenced by the small drop of blood on the ground.

Both Tandy and Tyrone wake up from their respective real-life nightmares as Tandy realizes she spent the night in a church building and attempts to flee whereas Tyrone prepares for the typical school day.

Tyrone goes downstairs for breakfast as his father Otis Johnson reminds him that he will be seeing his basketball coach that morning for the first time since his physical altercation at his most recent game. Otis reminds Tyrone that his mother has worked consistently hard for eight straight years following Billy’s death and that he should look up to her for inspiration.

Tandy meets with Liam again, as she recounts her confrontation from the previous night. Tandy fears that she may have killed Rick Cotton, to which Liam insists that they get her a new identity and a new place to run away to through the dry cleaners’ they report to.

Tyrone meets with Delgado, the school counselor and priest. Tyrone expresses a desire to take justice for his brother in his own hands as he wants to get revenge on the Detective Connors. Delgado is concerned about Tyrone’s intentions, and dismisses him for the intention to discuss the topic further the following day.

Following some texting with Evita regarding his abrupt departure from the party, Tyrone asks her to sign him in for study hall after lunch. Tyrone is inspired to take matters onto his own hands in avenging his brother’s death – despite Delgado’s warnings. He ditches class and in turn, is late for his meeting with his coach. The coach sends him to sit out from practice on the bleachers for him to ponder over his mistake.

Tandy and Liam stop by the dry cleaners’, to request a new ID. Unfortunately, given the dire circumstances, not only does Tandy need a new ID, but rather a completely new identity altogether. She expresses a desire to leave New Orleans in order to start a new life. This whole ordeal would cost $11,000 so Tandy and Liam must make a last-ditch effort to get the money needed to start anew.

Tandy returns back to the apartment to retrieve the cash she needs for her predicament, where she sees Melissa is spending the day with her new boyfriend. Much to her dismay, she finds her old childhood bag completely empty. As it turns out, Melissa used the money for her own purposes. Melissa invokes her ex-husband’s death, stating that if he were still alive, he’d be angry that Tandy intends to run away.

Tandy and Liam return to the dry cleaners’ with only $5,500. In a last resort, Tandy puts down a non-refundable down payment and borrows some formal attire as they sneak into a Wedding for this last-ditch scheme before they escape.

We see that Detective O’Reilly has made some significant progress in her case to track down Tandy. She arrives at where the Wedding is being held with a police sketch of Tandy’s likeness.

Tandy and Liam attempt to blend with the rest of the party goers as they aim to steal much of the cash that is being given to the bride and groom from attendees. Things seem to run smoothly until Tandy’s hands start glowing again.

Tandy and Liam share a slow dance together as they ponder over their scheme and contemplate what’s next for them and their relationship. Sometime during the slow dance, Tandy turns omniscient as she witnesses her and Liam dancing from a different perspective. Terrified, Tandy flees to the restroom where she meets the bride. The two share a heart-to-heart conversation about commitment and life plans. Afterwards, Tandy and Liam escape with the money in the “Just Married” car parked outside the building.

Tandy and Liam return to the dry cleaners’ where Liam confronts her about her behavior during their slow dance. With a heavy heart, Tandy leaves Liam behind, telling him that “there is no we.”

Meanwhile, Tyrone is doing suicide sprints at the basketball court and retreats to the locker room afterwards. There, a few of his teammates beat him up due to their concerns regarding the State Finals coming in the next week. Tyrone attempts to cloak himself from this beating, but fails.

Tyrone returns home, to which he asks his mother Adina about how she is able to function properly amidst all the chaos – especially triggered by Billy’s death eight years prior. She tells Tyrone that he must turn some of the negative situations in his life into something positive. Tyrone feels a little more reassured but following a tender kiss from Adina, he finds himself in a stranded grocery store where he envisions his mother pushing the shopping cart while younger self with younger Billy continue their brotherly bickering. Billy runs off as a gunshot is heard in the background. Young Tyrone runs off as well and we then see Adina staring at two tombstones for both of her sons along with a “Missing” Milk Carton with both their faces on it.

Tandy and Tyrone will collide into each other’s lives once again in the episode’s closing minutes. As Tandy drives away from the dry cleaners’, Liam is arrested by Detective O’Reilly. Elsewhere, Tyrone teleports to where Connors was as he points a revolver at his face. Suddenly, he is teleported in front of Tandy as he pulls the trigger as the bullet fires towards the windshield. Startled, Tandy crashes into the tree – showing how the collision from the cold open occurred as the two-part series premiere of Cloak & Dagger ends.

What did you think of the first two episodes of Cloak & Dagger? Which of the two titular heroes do you find the most interesting? Do you prefer the journey that Tandy/Dagger takes or perhaps you find the Tyrone/Cloak story more compelling? Sound off in the comments below.

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