Colossus Actor Would Love To Bring Character to ‘Legion’

Stefan Kapicic suited up as the metal mutant Colossus in Deadpool and will be reprising the role in Deadpool 2, but it sounds like there’s another X-Men property he’d love to bring the character to. Speaking with, Kapicic had a lot to say about FX’s new X-Men show, Legion.

First of all, I’ve never thought that (an) X-Men TV show could work. Especially because of the effects, because of, like, storylines and everything else. The movie, yes, but the TV show … On the other side, I totally fell in love with Legion.

With Legion love going around, what with the show being renewed for a second season and all, it’s no wonder it’s on Kapicic’s mind.

It gets so clever, it gets so specific. The way it’s directed, the way the acting is there. For example, if you ask me what I would like to show up in … and I don’t know the rules between the studios or whatever … I would love to have a guest appearance in Legion or in a new X-men show as Colossus.

I think that that would be something like a new step to combine the film and TV show characters. Of course, you have a Marvel universe and you have Defenders now and you have like all those amazing shows, but I’m talking from my … like I say, Fox perspective.

It would be perfect if you can combine characters just like Colossus to show up in Legion or in new X-men show with Stephen Moyer, I don’t know the name.

The other show Kapicic is referencing is the as-yet-untitled Fox X-Men show being developed by Matt Nix that Moyer recently joined.

Even though Kapicic would love to take Colossus to Legion, movie characters crossing into TV properties (and vice versa) are something both Marvel and DC have shied away from thus far, so there’s no real precedent. Despite the unlikelihood of Colossus showing up in Legion or another X-Men TV show, Kapicic is still appreciative of being able to portray Colossus and the fact he’s going to have another chance to bring the character to life in Deadpool 2.

This is something that just, for me, it’s got so many different meanings. It’s not just like a well-paid job or like you become famous, whatever. For me, this makes, as I’ve said, my inner child happy. That makes me alive and that makes me to wake up every single morning with a huge, big smile on my face.

Thank God and on the other side thank all those amazing directors and people that I worked with and such brilliant actors, because working alongside now with Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool team. I’m so feeling blessed and grateful that I have this kind of opportunity.

Legion air Wednesday nights at 10pm on FX.

Deadpool 2 is currently officially unscheduled but is expected to hit theaters in mid-2018.


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