10 Characters Batman Has Surprisingly Beaten

10. Predator


In the Batman Versus Predator crossover, Batman is called in to investigate a mysterious murder of a boxer. As he investigates the crime, the Predator makes his presence known and attacks even more people in Gotham City. After a quick skirmish, the Caped Crusader is left bruised and beaten, but he perseveres to defend his city.

With the help of a custom exoskeleton, Batman takes the fight to the Predator and lays on the pain. Their battle stretches on for a long time and over multiple locations. After a chase with the Batmobile, the fight ends outside Wayne Manor. Ultimately, Batman takes the Predator down and beats him with a metal baseball bat. The Predator ends up committing an honor suicide in front of other Predators in a sign of respect for the Caped Crusader that was able to take him down. The Predators left for a bit, but there were two sequel series that saw him fight more of them.

Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • Donald robinson

    I’m not a DC fan but but I love batman.but I gotta scream b.s on these “fights” I can accept batman defeating the punisher or even the stretch of him beating captain american even though that was more a popularity contest even the predator.but darkseid with agod killing bullet the entire jla the hulk.the mfn hulk!stop the madness one clap from banner basically takes the batman out.love bats but cmon.yeah I get he’s the most dangerous man in the world but really cmon.

    • Sugam Kher

      i don’t think that the point is : “who is stronger and will win?” .. the point is what has happened in the comics in the past .. doesn’t matter if we buy it .. you really buy a man transforming into the Hulk through gamma radiation? .. if you do then this isn’t far fetched at all ..

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    • Donald robinson, it has happened time and time again. It can’t be a fluke.

  • Batman will find a way to win no matter what :)! He’s a genius, he’s a master martial artist, and he has insane amounts of perseverance and willpower!