The Biggest Comic Book Movies Of 2017, Ranked From Worst To Best

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Comic Book Movies 2017 Star Wars The Last Jedi Logan Justice League2017 was quite the year for movies. Not only are the award shows stacked with some spectacular dramas to choose from, but us pop-culture nerds had quite the year too. Everyone from Wonder Woman to Thor had their own movie this year, and most of them were pretty good. At the end of the day though, not all movies are made equal, and some turned out infinitely better than others.

All of these stories have something in common, though: a focus on a group of heroes who are willing to do anything and sacrifice themselves for the greater good. The movies vary on how heroic the protagonists are and what kind of threat they have to fight, but they all do a good job at pushing their heroes and making them think outside the box to save the day.

Remember, this ranking is just one person’s opinion. If your favorite movie of the year is at the bottom of the list that doesn’t mean you have a bad taste in movies, it just means we don’t agree and I’d love to hear what you think in the comments after wards!

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Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

I love Batman, movies and Tyrion Lannister. Check me out on Youtube!

  • KnightSecular_

    Blade runner 2049 was the best film to come out this year. Makes all these movies look like kindergarten crap.. and its technically comic book related because its genre based and there’s blade runner comics.

    Logan was the same exact story as terminator, If people really cared about wolverine, they wouldnt want this movie or jackman. I guess we will have to have a proper mcu wolverine for people to actually understand the character.

    Hopefully the star wars movies die as well. Death to forced PC storytelling.

    Disney remaking the OT but made to kill the org characters and repaint them.

    rey=luke poe = han fin =leia kylo ren=vader and the list goes on.

    theres nothing new about them, they are just made in a way to trick you into thinking its new but your getting the same exact thing.

    Maybe if they had original characters who didnt serve the same function, like ben solo being a dark jedi protagonist who trained under luke and went rouge but is still on the light side. That would be differnt, his function wouldnt be the same as lukes yet, we would still have a skywalker protagonist who is apart of the prophecy.

    Travis Fimmel for wolverine!

    • Maxi Iroh

      The SJW plot from The Last Jedi really annoyed me, but i loved the Rey/Kylo stuff.

      • Carl

        The bad writing from The Last Jedi annoyed me. Not sure what was SJW in it. That Casino scene was ham fisted in it’s social criticism but it’s overall a rushed mess that wasn’t good at anything.

        • xxjinzaxx

          They could have stopped with the “Lords of War” theme, but they pressed their luck with slavery, then animal cruelty. This sector of the universe was supposed to be more advanced than our miserable planet. How could their civilization have achieved this level of advancement without wiping themselves out? All non-human creatures from different races agreed to enslave human orphans, which obviously saw as inferior based on what standard? The presence of slaves do not make sense because that becomes the downfall of a primitive society, which this city is not. The only way this could exist is if this city is completely fictional and stupid, which it is.

          What were the odds that Maz would initiate a side quest that led to Rose’s home, who Finn happens to randomly run into while making his escape towards Rey’s location which he has no clue about where that might be. It was established that the rebellion’s intel was not something so easily shared among officials. So yeah, how did Finn know where the f*** Rey is?

          The problem with this film wasn’t its inclusion of social commentary, which all movies do it to some degree. It was poorly and hastily written by someone who wanted to exorcise all aspects of established lore and canon for the sake of launching a new thing. They broke The f****** Force. They really did. An American pop culture staple was decimated before our eyes.

    • Bella

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  • Carl

    Star War is not a comic book movie.

    • xxjinzaxx

      Technically, it can be considered that since a comic book was launched the same year the film debuted. It can be and it cannot be for whichever reasons suits the discussion or argument anyone is trying to make.

  • adinda

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