6 R-Rated Comic Book Movies Audiences Deserve

6. Gambit

Gambit Marvel

The X-Men’s resident Ragin’ Cajun is quite the character. Remy LeBeau grew up a member of a thieve’s guild before joining the X-Men. There are even a few times where Gambit is employed by Mister Sinister and he even turns to the villain when his powers become too much for him to handle. For years, many of his teammates doubted his quest for redemption, but over time he proved himself a valuable member of the team. The character is known for his slick attitude and skills with the ladies. While he may be the closest thing the X-Men have to James Bond, he’s at his best whenever he is depicted as being in a relationship with his teammate Rogue.

As of now, Gambit is still in pre-production. Unfortunately, director Doug Liman recently left the project, but Channing Tatum is still attached to star. The actor, who was a fan of the character as a kid, still won’t say whether the movie will be R-Rated or not because he doesn’t want to limit young fans like his former self from seeing the movie.

Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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