Conor McGregor Says He Turned Down Lead Role In ‘The Predator’

Conor McGregor

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Reboots and remakes are a dime a dozen these days, but director Shane Black’s new endeavour The Predator, coined as a sequel of sorts to the original Predator and Predator 2, seems to be intent on resuscitating the old magic. By any means necessary, it looks like.

The cast of a film of this scale is of course crucial to its success, and Black has already signed on critically acclaimed actors like Sterling K Brown, Jacob Tremblay and Keegan Michael Key, whose diverse careers offer a positive glimpse at the future of the project. That doesn’t appear to be the overarching standard of who the creative team is eyeing for roles, however; recently, while being interviewed for An Experience With, UFC fighter Conor McGregor revealed that he had been approached to play not only a cameo in The Predator, but the starring part:

“I’ll tell you there’s a lot of offers that I’ve turned down. I got offered The Predator movie. There’s a new Predator movie coming out and the guys came to me – did you see that horse thing I’ve done, the horse racing? That was like three days solid work for a hell of a lot of money, for three days. During that three day course, the people from Predator who are having this new Predator movie, a blockbuster…They came in and tried to the sell the whole shit. “We want you to be the main guy and you’re going to fight [the] Predator” and I’m like “this sounds brilliant! How much?”

Evidently it didn’t work out between McGregor and those representing the film. If what he claims is true, the move would have been a bold one by Black and his team, though with the franchise having originally featured noted bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987, all bets are off. Still, it looks like we’ll be waiting a little longer for McGregor to make his big-screen debut.

The Predator will begin filming next month, and is scheduled to be released on March 2nd 2018.

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