Could Hourman Be Coming To ‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’?

As DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has kicked off and aired its two first episodes, we already know about several DC Comics characters that will be showing up throughout the first season of the show. We know that characters like Connor Hawke, Jonah Hex and Valentina Vostok will be making their debuts in upcoming episodes. However, it appears that another DC hero might be making his way on to the new Arrow/The Flash spin-off series.

Lately, the official DC Comics Instagram account has been posting intriguing images for the show with the hashtag #LoTEasterEggs. Today they posted an image of an hourglass with the text “Hourman’s Hourglass” hidden in the picture. Could this be an indicator that Hourman will be showing up on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow? Maybe, maybe not, but so far nothing has been confirmed by The CW or Warner Bros. TV, but never say never.

For those may not know, The CW was actually developing an Hourman TV show back in late 2013 from Ironside producer Michael Caleo who was writing the script and would have executive produced it with Dan Lin and Jennifer Gwartz (head of television for Lin Pictures). The last update about the project was at the TCA Winter Press Tour in 2014 as the network president was still waiting on the script, but nothing ever happened after that. The show was described as followed.

“Hourman centers on a brilliant-yet-troubled pharmaceutical analyst who discovers that the visions that have plagued him since childhood are actually glimpses of tragic events occurring one hour in the future. Determined to win back his ex-wife and son, he heroically prevents these tragedies from unfolding, finding both purpose and redemption along the way.”

With the project no longer in development, it wouldn’t prevent Hourman from showing up on the show and he isn’t the only character that DC Comics’ official Instagram account has teased. Just yesterday, the account also posted an image that was identified as Ma Hunkel’s (Red Tornado) pot helmet and just like Hourman: she is also a member of Justice Society of America.


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs on Thursday nights, 8/7c on The CW.

Source: DC Comics’ Instagram

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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