CW Upfront: Extended Trailer Shows A Complete Superhero TV Universe


The CW is the latest network to present its new schedule this week to advertisers and this presentation showed off the fact that DC Comics and The CW have created a vast and very impressive superhero TV realm. While during the presentation, two new trailers debuted including a mashup showing off this brand new Superhero Universe.

It feels like a Super Bowl lineup video and hype video combined. This trailer shows off all of our new heroes from shows like The Flash, Arrow, Legends and now Supergirl, coming together.

The Superheroes of The CW Extended Trailer: 

Also debuting is a short short teaser for the upcoming season two of Supergirl, which has offically found its new home on the CW network.

Supergirl Teaser: 

The presentation and previous comments from CW President, Mark Pedowitz, discussed how these four shows could all crossover and interact with one another.

“Just imagine what our superhero crossover episode is going to look like come December. [It will be] our biggest one ever.”

This new home for Supergirl seems like a natural fit and fans agree online, supporting the move and the potential for crossovers amongst the shows. Pedowiz is echoing the same sentiments.

“We are sitting down with Greg Berlanti and his team next week or so. We have a rough idea where they’re heading and, because our working relationship with Greg, we’re confident they understand what our needs are. As for the tone or tonality of the series, they did have a pretty successful series. The fact it’s now moved to The CW, where it should have been in the first place, I don’t think it will have a big impact on the tone.”

 What do you think of these first looks? Comment below and lets talk about this brand new CW schedule!


Chelsea Lewis

Chelsea Lewis

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  • CoolAssPuppy

    The writing on these shows is terribly inconsistent. The Supergirl finale was abysmal. Until this final three-episode arc in The Flash, the show had taken a turn for the worse. Legends is nearly unwatchable, save for 2-3 episodes. Arrow is just a glum, boring show that covers the same topics over and over.

    That said, as a 42 year old man, I enjoy that my 11 year old niece LOVES these shows and that we can watch them together over FaceTime and Snapchat, and that we can bond over our discussion of these shows. The themes may be simple, but they are great fodder for discussion about choices and character.

    I want the writing to get much better, and I criticize out of sincere gratitude and love for what the cast and crew have given us: good family-friendly drama.

    • Peter James

      Not “terribly inconsistent”
      Just mostly terrible.

      The shows are primarily campy and fun (except for The Arrow) and I realize that that’s some of the appeal, but my gosh hire some better writers once in a while, for crying out loud.

      The Flash not being able to beat a villain whose primary “power” is a gun with a normal-speed trigger finger is infuriating when in the next episode or so, he’s running fast enough to travel forward in time (or to an alternate timeline).
      Just as an example.
      Don’t even get me started on Legends….

    • SAMURAI36

      If you think the writing on these shows is inconsistent, then you should try the writing for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


    Man, this is awesome. Now, if we can just get Constantine back!!

    • Tinajwest3

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