‘The Flash’s’ Danielle Panabaker Teases Caitlin Snow’s Flashpoint Story


News about season 3 of The Flash has slowly been coming out over the past few months. One thing we know for certain is that the show is taking on the comic book arc of Flashpoint, at least for the first few episodes of the season. What is uncertain is how each character will be affected by the universe altering events set in motion by Barry’s actions at the end of season 2. While the trailer released at SDCC gave us some idea of the new lives our characters are now living, one character we only caught a glimpse of was Danielle Panabaker’s Caitlin Snow.

Speaking with EW, Panabaker revealed that Flashpoint Caitlin is “totally different” from the one we have grown to know over the past two seasons. Panabaker also added that “all the relationships are very different.”

To find exactly how different Caitlin will be in another alternate timeline on The Flash we will likely have to wait till the show returns to the CW on October 4th. Until then you can check out the Comic-Con trailer below.

Source: EW

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  • Vegas82

    Still sounds like this will be a single episode(maybe 2) with the consequences being dealt with the rest of the season. It would hinder the storytelling too much for too many different shows if they didn’t resolve it quickly.