Danny Pudi, Alan Tudyk, Christina Kirk join NBC’s DC Comics ‘Powerless’

NBC’s latest comic book property Powerless found its leading lady in Vanessa Hudgens and now three more additions have been made to the cast. Danny Pudi (Community), Christina Kirk (A to Z) and Alan Tudyk (Firefly) will be joining Powerless. All three will be series regulars.

Pudi has been cast as the best friend and co-worker to Hudgens’ Emily. Tudyk will be taking on the role of Emily’s boss. Finally, Kirk will be playing Jackie, a huge superhero fan who works as an assistant within the company.

Powerless will focus on the exceedingly average employees at an insurance company that is considered to be one of the worst in America, this company also happens to be within the DC Comics universe.

Powerless only has a pilot order, if the series is picked up, that would be announced around May or a little earlier.

Source: TVLine

Chelsea Lewis

Chelsea Lewis

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