Daredevil: New Clip Released Featuring Bernthal’s Punisher

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The countdown is on until Daredevil season two arrives and along with new posters, a clip has been released that features The Punisher going up against Daredevil/Matt Murdock on a Hell’s Kitchen rooftop.

The clip shows Frank Castle (The Punisher) telling Murdock that he is simply “one bad day away from being him.”

Upon debuting the new clip, Charlie Cox and Jon Bernthal opened up about the fact that this season isn’t afraid to go in new directions and go further. Cox explained that the pace is immediately elevated in season two.

“The first season of a television show you get to spend a lot of time meeting the characters and setting up the relationships and the dynamics and you can ease your way into the plot. In the second season, you don’t get that luxury so you have to get cracking very, very quickly. One of things the showrunners did which I thought was very smart was they flipped on its the head format of last season to this season. So, last season Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk didn’t even meet until episode nine and this year Matt and Frank are meeting in the first episode. We hit the ground running and we just gather speed from there and we just gather momentum as the season progresses.”

Cox added that this character and how he played Murdock has also developed with this second season.

“From Matt’s point of view, he’s changed a lot. He’s grown in confidence. I think he’s really started to enjoy being Daredevil. Certainly, initially he’s less concerned with the stuff he was worried about last season: the Catholic guilt and that stuff. He feels like what he’s doing is justified and valid and he can just enjoy it a bit more and with that comes a kind of arrogance and swagger that we haven’t seen in Matt before.”

Are you looking forward to the second season of Daredevil? What do you think of Bernthal as The Punisher so far? Comment below and join in the conversation before Daredevil‘s second season premieres March 18 on Netflix.


Source: IGN

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