Season Two Of ‘Daredevil’ Dropping The Same Day ‘Batman v Superman’ Hits Theaters

Not long ago, word got out that season two of Daredevil would be hitting Netflix in March. This sparked a number of jokes about Marvel dropping it the same day that Warner Bros. has Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice hitting theaters. Well, it isn’t just a joke anymore. Sources have revealed to ComicBook that Daredevil season two will be hitting Netflix on March 25, 2016. 

Personally? I don’t take part in the whole Marvel vs DC battle. However, while this date could be a decision on Netflix’s part, this move does somewhat feel like Marvel throwing down the gauntlet. Are we going to see an actual battle of the companies next year and will the binge-watching of Daredevil take a chunk of out the Batman v Superman box office? The die-hard fans will likely make time for both opening weekend but will the same go for the more casual viewer? Will they dish out the money for their superhero fix or stay home and relax? Guess we will find out come the last weekend of March. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Source: ComicBook

Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden

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