Why Daryl Punched Negan In ‘The Walking Dead’

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The Walking Dead season seven premiere will continue to affect the show and fans for years to come, and one immediate fallout is the result of Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon. After Abraham had already been beaten down and killed by Negan, Daryl punches Negan in the face and causes Glenn’s death.

According to producer Greg Nicotero while speaking with EW, the ramifications of the punch will seriously affect Daryl’s psyche in the future.

“Yeah, I don’t think there’s any way around that. There’s that shot in the episode of Daryl looking at him in utter and complete shock and anguish on his face, and we know who Daryl is. Daryl is the guy that would take a bullet for anybody. The reason he leapt out of that line was because Negan was bullying Rosita. The way he was standing in front of her screaming at her and shoving that bloody baseball bat in her face, he wasn’t going to take it. He wasn’t going to let Negan get away with it in front of anybody. I think he probably would have rather been the victim himself than have seen anyone else go.”

So it appears Daryl figured he’d end up getting the bat instead of possibly Rosita or another crew member. Unfortunately, Negan saw through this and killed Glenn instead to further punish both Daryl and Rick’s group.

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Source: EW

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