David Ayer Talks DC Vs. Marvel Rivalry, Joker Inspiration & ‘Suicide Squad’ Cameo


Suicide Squad is finally upon us and the barnstorm of premieres, interviews and other press continues. HeyUGuys was able to do a brief interview with director David Ayer, who’s handled the swirling stories around him and the film with aplomb. Here, he speaks amiably to Stefan Pape about any rivalry between DC and Marvel as film universes. After the minor “Fuck you, Marvel!” kerfluffle, not so surprising.

“Well, I think that’s part of the fun of this. You know it’s a little bit like football squads. You get to root for your team. Some people root for both teams.”

Other interview tidbits (minor spoiler about a brief cameo):

  • Despite being a story about villains, Ayer said they’re all “human” with “good hearts” and the film is about “redemption” (a theme Umberto Gonzalez said would be front-and-center in Justice League and the DCEU moving forward).
  • Jared Leto’s Joker was inspired by Brian Azzarello’s Joker one-shot, Batman: The Killing Joke and his first ever appearance in 1942.
  • Ayer explains that the Flash’s cameo capturing Boomerang (Jai Courtney) made sense because they’re enemies in the comics.
  • SIDE NOTE: David Ayer sounds like Nicolas Cage

SOURCE: HeyUGuys (via ComicBook)

Sam Flynn

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  • Bill

    David Ayer is the man

  • Marquis de Sade

    The notion of a MARVEL/dceu Rivalry is akin to MASTODON being annoyed by an insignificant gnat at this point…THERE IS NO RIVALRY!


    Oh, look at that, he says it’s okay to like one or the other, or even both. Imagine that….

    • Steve Steve

      Sammy the clown, who rails against Disney/Marvel with reckless abandon. Sammy the ponce, whose attacks come on a personal level. Sammy the bot, whose devotion to DC products is as blind as can be.

      This is the Sammy who is so bold that he not only claims one could like both Marvel and DC, but does it derisively.

      I’m honestly shocked Sammy. I’m starting to think you may not be a real samurai.

      P.S. apologies to the Asian communities…