David S. Goyer Could Potentially Direct ‘Green Lantern Corps’

Green Lantern Armie HammerOne of the DC Comics films that Warner Bros. Pictures is working on is Green Lantern Corps which a few month ago tapped David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight trilogy and Man of Steel) and Justin Rhodes (Contract Killers) to write the screenplay for the film. But it appears that one of them might be serving another big role on the DC project.

The Tracking Board’s Jeff Sneider, who is one of the hosts of Meet The Movie Press, revealed on this week’s episode that he has heard Goyer being potentially lined up to direct the Green Lantern film.

“This one doesn’t have a director either, but it has a writer and it has a producer. I’m hearing David Goyer could very well wind up directing Green Lantern Corps himself. When you look at screenwriters that are taking the plunge and directing these movies themselves, we saw rumors last month that Simon Kinberg was going to direct the next X-Men movie. David Goyer is responsible for this entire DC Universe, he wrote Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. He wrote Man of Steel, he is the architect, if you will. He is writing and producing Green Lantern Corps, so it’s just very well, what I have heard, one of those situations where he could be like “Listen, I think I may be the best guy for the job, nobody knows this like I do.”

Would you want to see David S. Goyer direct the film? Sound off in the comments below.

Green Lantern Corps is projected for release on July 24, 2020.

Source: Meet The Movie Press

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht is an online entertainment journalist who has been covering television and movies since 2010. In addition, he is also a podcast producer.

  • bingeit 45

    jesus he has not even finished his potcast and news are already on the net, he also said that he’s speculating
    and what’s up with this emma stone video on every page

    • Isaac Fernandez

      clickbait all the way in this site

  • Isaac Fernandez

    lol he sukcs more than he is bald lol

  • Goyer’s stories are never a problem when he collaborates w the right people (Del Toro, Nolan) to bring about the right tone. MOS idea about taking a first contact approach was great. It was Snyder’s decisions w the over-bombastic 3rd act that hurt the film (also not showing Superman act as heroic as he has been in prior films as well as having a watchman type of vibe).

    His direction however is terrible and he should not be allowed to direct this (Blade:Trinity and The Invisible were terrible).

    I’d say either hire Francis Lawrence or Joseph Krozinski to direct a film w this type of CGI and scope. Both are WB favorites and have proven to handle large CGI films in the past.

    • towblerone

      I JUST watched a documentary about Constantine and was wondering what the heck ever happened to Francis Lawrence. He seems like a visual genius and hasn’t been rumored to be attached to any DCEU movies.

      • JF Sebastian

        He did 3 out of the 4 Hunger Games movies and has a movie currently in production. I actually would have liked to see him take on Dark Universe and get another crack at the Constantine character – provided they stick closer to the source material.

        • towblerone

          Ahh! Well, the Hunger Games were pretty dang successful!

          And wouldn’t it be cool if he revisited Constantine in another movie played by another actor?

    • Rob

      I will argue Goyer’s scripts even in good hands are not great. I love Blade II, but when you look at it at the script level it is a very basic and flimsy script saved by great direction and some really good acting.

  • towblerone

    Hal Jordan is my favorite comic character and the concept of Green Lanterns is my favorite in comicdom. I had to deal with the Ryan Reynolds garbage-fest. I’m not sure I want GLC directed by a guy whose directorial creds are suspect, and many even question his writing ability.

  • pj jp

    so another rotten film to the collection of rotten films called the dceu.

    the my big fat greek wedding universe currently avgs better reviews then the dceu..😂😂😂

  • col42

    Wow really?

  • Brownstones19

    oh no……….no no no no no no…….has no one seen Blade Trinity?

  • Maxi Iroh


  • Rob

    Shouldn’t the title of this article be “David S Goyer could potentially ruin “Green Lantern Corps”? It would be a more accurate description of what will happen if he directs.