DC Comics’ ‘The Killing Joke’ Adaptation Could Be Rated-R

Huge news to come out of the Batman: Bad Blood panel at NYCC tonight, DC Comics has given permission to producer James Tucker to make The Killing Joke Rated-R! The Killing Joke has the potential to be not only the darkest animated film DC has ever done, but the first ever R-Rated Batman film animated or live-action.

Key scenes in the story include Joker paralyzing Barbara, stripping her naked, and tying Commissioner Gordon to a carnival ride and making him view horrifying photos of his daughter. Now, this doesn’t mean that the comic book film adaptation will be Rated-R. All of the animated films to come from DC’s animated universe have been rated PG-13 or lower, but given the source material of Killing Joke, it would certainly be tough not to.

How do you fell about the possibility of The Killing Joke being Rated-R? Do you think they’ll go the extra mile and make it a hard R? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Batman-News

(Josh Sharpe)

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