10 DC Comics Characters Who Need To Appear On ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’

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DC Legends of TomorrowDC’s Legends of Tomorrow is about to return to The CW and will be bringing fan favorite Constantine onto the show. Just one of the many colorful characters from DC’s past the crew of the Waverider has encountered.

Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow all incorporate DC’s rich comic book history to fill out episodes by bringing in classic characters to life, friends and foes alike. Jonah Hex, The Justice Society and even a Dark Knight Returns-style version of Oliver Queen, Legends of Tomorrow has gone to corners of the DC Universe none of the other shows could. This makes Legends of Tomorrow the best show to introduce audiences to some more obscure known characters from the pages of DC Comics.

Across the vast catalog of characters, these ten would be the best fits to bring on the Legends of Tomorrow. Click Next to get started!

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  • B T

    Impulse was on Smallville…. Frankenstein better known for Marvel…,BTWM no one rruly saw Deadshot die….

    • Eunice Arede

      Better stay as they are but if has to be Capitan America Spiderman iron man and thor

  • joshuaasaucier

    Booster Gold and Blue Beetle very badly need to show up. They keep dropping references to Ted Kord in all the shows but still no joy.