10 DC Comics Characters Who Need To Appear On ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’

10. Frankenstein

Frankenstein Agent of Shade

Frankenstein’s appearance would make for a great Halloween-themed episode of the Legends of Tomorrow. The character really only fits properly with Legends of Tomorrow (since this is the show that deals with zombies attacking George Washington and Camelot existing because of one of the heroes going back in time).

In the Arrowverse, Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein could be both a book the characters know but also canon, as the story would be a written record of history. The heroes could encounter Frankenstein in the past and help take him to a timeline or place where he would eventually find peace and happiness.

  • B T

    Impulse was on Smallville…. Frankenstein better known for Marvel…,BTWM no one rruly saw Deadshot die….

    • Eunice Arede

      Better stay as they are but if has to be Capitan America Spiderman iron man and thor

  • joshuaasaucier

    Booster Gold and Blue Beetle very badly need to show up. They keep dropping references to Ted Kord in all the shows but still no joy.