10 DC Comics Heroes That Should Appear On ‘Black Lightning’

9. Looker

Looker DC Comics

Emily Briggs, a.k.a. the Looker, has a long history with the Outsiders. Originally a costumed superhero, Briggs has become a vampire in recent years and that is the incarnation that The CW would be wise to use.

Briggs allows Black Lightning to introduce the concept of magic in its universe. While vampires might not be the hot ticket monster anymore, they still are a staple of genre television. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to The CW’s long-running The Vampire Diaries and and its spin-off The Originals, these creatures of the night tend to feel right at home on the network.

  • Wade Aiken

    The only two on your list that I would like would be Metamorpho.and Dr Light, Here are 8 others that I would like to see:

    Madame Xanadu
    Phantom Stranger
    Captain Atom
    the Creeper
    Bronze Tiger
    Lady Shiva
    Kid Eternity