B-List DC Comics Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movies

6. Ragman


Rory Regan is a Gotham citizen with a secret. In Batman’s shadow, Ragman fights to defend the city from thugs and demonic magic. One of the few Jewish superheroes in the DC Universe, Ragman directly receives his power due to a token associated with Jewish folklore. The cloak he wears is made up of the corrupted souls of the different criminals he has confronted on his quest for justice. Whenever he wants he is able to draw from their strength and use it during battle. While Ragman can tap into as many souls as he wants, it’s incredibly taxing on him to tap into too many, so he’s not even fighting with super strength. However, Ragman does have an edge over his opponents. For anyone wanting a quick introduction to the character, I recommend going out and finding the Days of Judgement miniseries and subsequent Shadowpact book that spun out of it.

The character is now a part of the Arrowverse over on The CW, but he’s still an obscure hero who deserves more love!

Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • Matias Gagliardone

    I’d love a Ragman movie! But maybe a series would suit him better (not CW DCTV of course, more like the Marvel Netflix stuff mixed with Constantine).

  • Hamad

    Great list!