6 Elseworlds Movies That DC Should Make For The Big Screen

Superman: Red Son


The Elseworlds Premise: We’re all familiar with the origin story of Superman — a doomed alien civilization sends its last child to live among the people of planet Earth with a rocket ship, where he will change the world forever. One key difference between the standard Superman tale and the Red Son version is that this rocket ship crash-lands in the USSR instead of the USA, which dramatically alters the landscape of the Cold War in the years that follow. As Superman succeeds Josef Stalin as the leader of the USSR — which by that point has conquered most of the planet — the United States enlist the help of Lex Luthor and Lois Lane to find a last-ditch effort to prevent the planet from falling under Communist rule.

Why DC Needs To Adapt It: Red Son is a much more clever take on the “What if Superman was evil?” storyline than most, and a big reason for that is that fundamentally he’s the same character — just instilled with a vastly different set of patriotic values, which lead him on a darker path even if he’s still a Big Blue (Red?) Boy Scout. In the meantime, we get a look at a “heroic” version of Luthor, American as ever… and find that he’s really not all that different either, being a manipulative megalomaniac whose goals just so happen to end up being more benevolent than usual, even if they are for selfish reasons.

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island) recently stated that he would love to make a movie out of this series, and considering how acclaimed it is as a story, it’s not hard to see why. Exploring the political implications of a world where Superman exists is interesting — building said implications around an alternate history timeline, even more so. While there’s still no word on how far along another standalone Superman movie is (and, admittedly, Warner Brothers should make that movie first), Red Son is definitely a story that’s worth giving its own moment in the Sun.

Grant Davis

Grant Davis

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