Writer Denounces Interview Of DC Comics President Having Any Ill Will Towards Zack Snyder

Man of Steel Henry Cavill Superman Justice League DC UPDATE: Previously, a story was published incorrectly attributing comments from DC Entertainment about Zack Snyder which turned out to be inaccurate. Heroic Hollywood has retracted the original story and regrets the error.  Since this story was published, Abraham also tweeted an update on the original quote:

It’s been argued for a while now about whether or not DC’s apparent course correction in tone was mapped out or a reaction to recent films.

Speaking on the Batman on Film Podcast, Abraham Riesman — who conducted interviews for a big story on the future of DC films for last month’s edition of Vulture — recalled a quote that didn’t make it into the story.

“It was to the effect of ‘we are a director driven place and Zack [Snyder] had a vision that didn’t necessarily sync up with what our vision of these characters is, but we respect that he wanted to go for that and that’s part of our philosophy’.”

It should be noted that a source in the Vulture piece said Geoff Johns was concerned about the tone Synder implemented in Man of Steel. Here’s the full quote:

“Geoff Johns and Diane were reading scripts, and Geoff Johns, to his credit, was concerned that there was not enough lightness or humor, given who the character is,” recalls one person with knowledge of the making of Man of Steel. “Geoff definitely raised that point, but that current administration didn’t care that much about what Geoff Johns thought.”

If they didn’t care then, they certainly do now. Johns was made head of DC’s film division and what he says carries much more weight than it did in 2013. With Snyder  having left the DCEU’s next installation in Justice League due to family tragedy and Joss Whedon on board, a direction more ‘in sync’ with the higher ups moving forward is inevitable.

Source: BOF Podcast

5 Things That ‘Justice League’ Needs To Deliver On

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Justice League Need To DeliverOver the last few years, Warner Bros. and DC have surprised and entertained audiences with their big screen adaptations of their iconic heroes, starting with Man of Steel in 2013. They have set a path for these films, which has led to something big on the horizon. Justice League is set to hit theaters this November and it’s going to be massive. This is the culmination of all the DC Extended Universe films coming together for the first time and there is a lot riding on this project.

Justice League is going to be a thrilling event for sure and there are many things that need to be done right so that both comic fans and general audiences can equally enjoy and embrace this film. There are several things that Warner Bros. and DC have to deliver on when this film is released and it’s a perfect time to discuss which of these elements need to be shown the most.

Here are 5 things Justice League needs to deliver on. Click Next to get started!

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  • dhacker615

    They are trying to save Geoff Johns from the backlash. He must be the most likable guy in the world, because he has been in front of every DC train-wreck and every subsequent course correction.

    • Mike Soleto

      Theres been no trainwreck

  • NYJ

    Lol Geoff Johns was the real power behind the GL movie and he right f####d that one up

  • Peter James

    (*a day later*)


    Oh Adam, ….

    Whatever shall we do with you?

    Even I could tell that the slant you gave to that story based on those quotes was comical af.
    (*See : my comment from yesterday, just below)

    I guess you never imagined the person you were quoting and misrepresenting would read your article and drag your behinds on twitter for this funny business.

    Let that be a lesson, kids.