DC Unveils First TV Spot For Brian Michael Bendis’ ‘Superman’

The Man of Steel 1 Superman DC BendisDC has unveiled the first television promo for Brian Michael Bendis’ run on Superman and Action Comics.

After Brian Michael Bendis contributed to Action Comics #1000, his first DC project under his long-term exclusive contract with the publisher, the renowned comic book writer penned a six-issue weekly miniseries titled Man of Steel that retold Superman’s origin story. Now, DC has released a television ad to promote Bendis’ Superman run that spotlights three key aspects of the iconic DC hero: Power, Action and Hope.

You watch the commercial below!

The accompanying description reads as follows:

It’s a new era for the Man of Steel! Comic book superstar Brian Michael Bendis is taking the reins of Superman’s two ongoing series. Look for his Metropolis debut this July in both Superman #1 and Action Comics #1001.

DC will also be releasing new editions of Bendis’ Jinxworld titles with new issues of PowersScarletThe United States of Murder Inc. and digital editions of JinxTorso, and Fire. Also scheduled for 2018 will be “Bendis-curated custom imprint of titles” that will feature both existing DC properties and all-new characters created by Bendis.

Brian Michael Bendis’ illustrious career includes his work on titles including DaredevilThe Avengers, the Jessica Jones comic titled Alias, and Ultimate Spider-Man, the last of which eventually led to the creation of Miles Morales

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Superfamily-SupermanSuperman is the first and most powerful superhero in the DC Universe. Due to all of his heroic actions, Superman has earned an inspirational role in the DCU and serves as a beacon of hope for many new heroes. In addition to inspiring heroes in the present, his deeds inspired heroes thousands of years later to develop the Legion of Superheroes.

Superman can’t be everywhere all the time, so he’s lucky enough to have a Superfamily behind him to help. Even with his super strength, there’s no way he can stop every criminal simultaneously, so these other heroes all stepped up to help defend innocent people. Whether they are on the battlefield or saving innocent lives, all of these people are proud members of the Superfamily who will do whatever they have to to accomplish their goals.

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