Top 7 DC Animated Movies That Should Be Made Next

7. Batman: Knightfall

Batman Knightfall DC Comics

I know some of you will complain that DC already relies on Batman too much in their animated catalog, but he’s their most popular character for a reason. I don’t have a Batman tattoo for nothing here, people.

Knightfall is one of my all time favorite story arcs and is a great way for DC to keep audiences interested in Bane after his upcoming solo comic wraps up. This isn’t his first story, but this is where Bane establishes himself as one of Batman’s most dangerous and intelligent foes. The entire Bat family push themselves to the limit as they try and put the city back together again after Bane instigates a massive breakout at Arkham asylum. There’s potential for a lot of great emotional moments from each character as they confront their fears as well as entertaining fight scenes.  I’d be most excited to see Tim Drake fight Killer Croc myself.

I don’t know if they would make three movies (who am I kidding, of course they’d make three movies with Batman’s name on it), but Knightfall has three major arcs that could all make interesting movies.  Let me just simply summarize the story for you who haven’t read it: the bat is broken;the bat is replaced; the bat rises.

Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • Brian Supple

    I am all about a Blackest Night/Brightest Day trilogy.. Or even if they did it as a tv series like they did the (highly underrated) Green Lantern animated series. I loved that animated series, the storyline was great and the computer animated graphics were fantastic.

  • Darthmanwe

    If there is one thing that can make me cry in animation beyond Barry being forced to choose between his mother and the reality in Flashpoint, it’d be him looking around for Sue and Ralph post-Blackest Night when almost everyone was raised from the dead, and failing to find them amongst the re-living.

    Everytime I read blackest night, I choke up right there.

  • Langley Neely

    Another new film idea that is beyond ripe for revisiting in animation form is the seminal and iconic Kingdom Come! It deals with what DC does best, taking a good hard look at legacy, family, and what it truly means to be a hero. Also imagine what interesting things you can do with Alex Ross’ amazing artistic style translated into animation?! A story that might work too is currently ongoing and we don’t know how it will wrap up but judging by the first issue alone Rebirth promises to conclude in an epic way!

  • Doctor Odd

    I’d love to see Forever Evil made into an animated film.

  • Francisco

    Identity Crisis is the worst thing that happened to Comics

  • A great list but we should get the Sinestro Corps War before Blackest Night.

  • Armando E. Torre Puerto

    I really hope they never do Identity Crisis. While the story is very good it meses the drama-free life of the Nick Charles of the DC universe. DC finally fixed that, Sue is back, Ralph is getting mainstream popularity in the Flash TV show, and recycling the story would create a New Wave of fans with the wrong idea about Sue and want a Revival in çontinuity. Let’s just drop it. Besides, in Identity Crisis, neither Batman nor Ralph (or Green Arrow at least) really solve the case on time, and that’s messed up.

  • Jet Jaguar

    IMO we’re overdue for an Emperor Joker movie.

  • Debbie Gardiner

    The main ones I would love to see are Batgirl: Knightfall Descends, Batgirl: Wanted, Birds of Prey: Your Kiss Might Kill, Birds of Prey: The Cruelest Cut, Supergirl/Linda Danvers:, (Peter David), Supergirl: Many Happy Returns, Batwoman: Hydrology, Batman: Death of the Family, Batman: Eternal, Batman & Robin: Eternal and Batman: Detective Comics Rebirth.