DC TV Arrowverse Week 6 Episode Roundup: Here’s What You Missed


Supergirl | Episode 2.06 | “Changing”

Supergirl continues to tackle the season’s overarching storyline and is, on the whole, able to handle the show’s several characters and their development. Particularly heartbreaking this week was Alex’s attempts to start a relationship with Maggie and her coming out scene with Kara. Elsewhere, Supergirl and J’onn take on a thousands-year-old parasite.

Here are the episode’s biggest takeaways:

  • The show tackles climate change, sort of. The parasite that takes over a climate change scientist’s body is obsessed with getting rid of humans because “our planet is being destroyed. Not by invaders, but by us.”
  • “It’s real. You’re real,” Kara tells Alex after she comes out to her. Honestly, this is one of the season’s best storylines. It’s being handled so well.
  • I take immense pleasure watching Kara kick Mon-El’s ass.
  • The parasite can absorb Kara’s powers. The first time, the parasite gains more strength. The second time, it practically sucks the life out of Kara and J’onn, taking them out of commission for a while.
  • “Parasitus alienus,” declares Winn. “Alien parasite,” he explains after everyone just give shim blank looks.
  • The show is intent on taking James on this new journey to becoming The Guardian, but he doesn’t appear until at least twenty minutes into the show. Sigh.
  • “I’ll go get the alien. You go get the girl,” Kara says to Alex. Alex goes, with heart on her sleeve, to find Maggie. They kiss, but Maggie explains that right now, she’s only there for her as a friend. She has good reasons, but Alex is crushed. I have so much hope for them though.
  • Mon-El tries to become a “muscle for hire”. He figures if he can make money off of this superhero-ing business, then it could be worthwhile. Kara is not impressed.
  • James pressures Winn to get his suit finished faster so that he can help take down the parasite. The two of them agree that they shouldn’t tell Kara about James being The Guardian yet because she’ll only try and convince them that it’s dangerous. I do enjoy the James/Winn friendship though. They should have always been this way.
  • Miss Martian is called upon after J’onn is taken out by the parasite. A blood transfusion is involved, and Miss Martian looks a bit uncomfortable, but she notices J’onn’s wedding ring? Is the show hinting at a possible future romance? Or are they still going the niece route?
  • Mon-El stops to actually help someone on the street, but is kidnapped.

The episode’s biggest Huh? moment: I don’t think it’s a good idea for James and Winn to keep The Guardian a secret from Kara. After all, she was pretty upfront about her being Supergirl. They should return the favor. The circle of life and all that jazz.

Mae Abdulbaki

Mae Abdulbaki

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