Page 1-DCTV’s Arrowverse Episode Roundup: The Past Haunts

Welcome back to the DCTV Arrowverse episode roundup! This week in The CW’s superhero universe (multiverse?), our heroes dealt with a lot of action, some betrayal, thoughts on the future, and buckets and buckets of tension and angst.

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The Flash saw Barry re-enter the speed force in order to get Wally back; DC’s Legends of Tomorrow went to the moon to take back a piece of the spear of destiny; Arrow attempted to take prematurely take on Prometheus.

The connecting theme this week is that of your past coming back to haunt you in ways you didn’t think were possible.

Each episode roundup recaps the show’s main plot points, with a section for commentary.

Let’s get started! Click through the gallery to read through each episode!

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Mae Abdulbaki

Mae Abdulbaki

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